China Wine Industry Association and Shanxi Xinjin Business Alcohol Group cooperates to build a white wine winery demonstration enterprise

Sang Shuyu, the Chairman of the Chinese Wine Industry Association, Shanxi Xinghua Village Liquor Group Co., Ltd. Party Committee Secretary, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, Shanxi New Jinchamber, Hou Qingquan, attended the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, the Secretary-General of the China Wine Industry Association and the Secretary-General of the Alcohol Management Committee Du Xiaowei jointly signed the "China Wine Industry Association White Winery Demonstration Enterprise Construction Agreement". It is understood that after the establishment of the new promoter winery, it has always adhered to the wine as "basis". With the culture as "soul", it is committed to the inheritance of the cultural culture and Xinghua Village Qingxiang liquor brand resources, forming a white wine, Modern enterprises that store, uniform, sales, private storage, personalized product customization, alcoholism, and leisure tourism.

In the development, the Xinjin Merchant Alcohol Group strictly abides by the concept of "inheriting the old, innovation,", highlighting the true meaning of traditional brewing skills, consolidating the source, simultaneous production and supporting requirements, ecological environment, brewing ecology, The construction style of the "Workshop Universityization, the Industrialization of Industrialization, and Traditional Skills" in Xinjin Merchants.

At the same time, Xinjin Merchants will be integrated with Jin Shang culture, the Culture of the Courtyard, the cultural, and the apricot, the wine culture, and the collection culture will become a unique apricot.

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