Baby constipation timely treatment of traditional Chinese medicine prescription

Baby constipation timely treatment of traditional Chinese medicine prescription

Constipation in children refers to the main complaint of difficulty in defecation, which is manifested by prolonged defecation interval, once every two days or more, difficulty in defecation, accompanied by dyspepsia, fatigue, and decreased appetite.

Clinical attention should be paid to the exclusion of defecation difficulties caused by inertial organic diseases.

The disease is in the large intestine, and the disease is in the spleen and liver.

“Su Wen Ling Ling’s Secret Book” said: “The large intestine, the preacher, changes.

“Therefore, the excretion of feces is closely related to the function of the large intestine.

“Essays on the Sources of the Diseases · Syndromes of the Children’s Miscellaneous Diseases” said: “People who have nowhere to go, the internal organs have heat, so they can be used in the large intestine.

“Children’s spleen is often inadequate. Because it is because the child is born incomplete, but not yet strong, its viscera function is weak. The replacement is still because it is in a vigorous period of growth and development. The demand for Mizutani essence is relatively higher than that of adults.Children have a weak temper, and there is a phenomenon of impaired transport function.

If the diet is not adjusted properly and the mood changes, it will easily lead to weakness of the spleen and stomach, no right to transport, spleen ascending and descending, abnormal turbid yin, affecting the large intestinal qi machine, resulting in poor function, residual dregs and constipation.

  The main liver is drained, which can regulate the whole body air conditioner, and can promote the function of the spleen and stomach and the function of colorectal cancer to help the excretion of stool.

The physiological characteristics of children are that the liver is often more than full, and the vitality is vigorous, and the Qi machine rises and falls less. The dregs are not easy to descend and the stagnation and stagnation of the intestines and stagnation. Therefore, there are many constipation;After the spleen is transported, the large intestinal qi is not smooth, the reorganization is lost, the dross remains, and it is put into constipation.

  Addition and subtraction of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of Plasma Zhizhu Pill and Chaihu Shugan Powder: Medicine Shengbaizhu 10?
20 grams, 6 shells?
10 grams, 10 grams of peel, 10 grams of codonopsis, 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of incense, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of raw malt, 6 grams of Bupleurum, 10 grams of winter melon, 10 grams of plum, 10 grams of hemp kernels,6 grams of licorice.

  Fangzhong Codonopsis, Atractylodes spleen and qi strengthening; Chenpi, Hushen spleen and spleen to help transport; Xiangfu, raw malt, Chaihu Shugan stagnation; Angelica sinensis, Baiji and blood moisturize the intestines; poor stool, long-lasting intestines, large intestineJinkui, it is easy to dry, so add winter melon kernel, Yu Liren, hemp kernel moisturize laxative; licorice reconcile various medicines.

The disease is dry due to stagnation, which is more severe due to stagnation, and constipation caused by dryness. The focus of treatment is to strengthen the spleen and liver, adjust the Qi machine, and then add moisturizing products.A good temper, a comfortable liver, and a smooth stool.

  In addition, parents should change their children’s incorrect eating habits and living habits, how to choose the correct replacement of breast milk, replace formula suitable for Chinese children, eat a normal diet, eat less snacks, and help children develop the habit of regular bowel movements.