It’s just a short while,Not only this cinema totals6Tickets for the midnight show in this hall are all sold out,Even tomorrow morning、Tickets for noon are also sold out?

Chen Geng and Kelly·Hicks glanced at each other quickly,All a little surprised。
In order to help you understand the situation,Chen Geng chose the third row from the bottom,Wait for the ticket check,Chen Geng found out that the seat in front had been seated 50 or 60%,And at the moment,There is a steady stream of people walking into the theater,The empty space in front was quickly filled,When the movie officially begins,The huge hall is full of people。
Not bad!
For this attendance,Chen Geng is satisfied:Now it seems,I probably don’t have to lose。
《Terminator2》It is worthy of being one of the most representative works of Kashen,It’s not a loss, it’s burned《Terminator1》Full budget shots for the entire movie,When the movie started,With the scarlet light in the eyes of the first oneT—800The robot appears on the camera,Aircraft flying in the sky、on the groundT—800And the Resistance with pickups、Laser gun shooting everywhere……
Almost in a flash,It creates a bleak scene of human beings at the end of the day for the audience in front of the screen:Humanity,just“Skynet”Prey……Some of the less daring,Even started to exclaim。
And when the title of excellent metal texture is officially over,Sarah appeared in front of the camera·The appearance of Connor’s son,This huge contrast,Suddenly let everyone’s eyes shine:This little handsome guy,Really handsome!
What Chen Geng didn’t know was,Just behind him, a few seats in the second row,A film critic saw Edward appearing on the screen·Fulong,Eyes suddenly light up,Quickly write on the notepad:Mr. Fernandez said that Edward’s little boy has the potential to become a superstar.,Before this moment,I don’t take it seriously,A thirteen year old。
First935chapter fire!Fire!