“it is good!Guarantee completion tasks!when?”Xiao Wu heard the question of killing the devil officer,

“I am so like tomorrow.……”Jing Yun put the assassination plan and evacuation route,
“remember,You can only open a shot,And use the head to give you a special prepared sniper。”Jing Yun said,
“Special prepared sniper!where?”Xiao Wu did not snipe,His rifle has always been officially official,
Jing Yun took out from the cargo of the warehouse, which has been retrofitted with the three-eighth big cover.,Sights and silencers,Originally, this sniper gun is rumored to prevent Zhuang Xiaoman.,I heard that Xiao Wu’s gun is very good.,Decided to use it。
“Xiao Wu,You put the gun first.。”Ruiru told Jing Yun’s use of all parts of sniper gun,
Xiao Wu is very venor to install the gun assembly,Jing Yun gave him two three-eighth larger bullets,Say:“You will try it in this warehouse.。”
“what is this?”Xiao Wu picks up a sight,
“This is a sight,The head says that this gun can kill the goal of one thousand and four hundred meters.,I am talking with the head, you are a gunler.,You must not give me your face.。”
“I have not used a hob.。”
“So let you try to be familiar with it.。”
Xiao Wu is familiar with the sight of the sniper gun in the warehouse.,Then I opened a shot in the encouragement of Jing Yun.,Because he is worried that the gunshot will bring the devil,As a result, the bullet was shot from the sniper gun just a sound.,This voice is not small,But outside the warehouse is definitely can’t hear.。
“This shot is very powerful.!”Xiao Wu once again looked at this shot, just like the beauty of the beauty of the beauty.。
“Xiao Wu,Chief said,This shot can use the bullets of the devils.,This will not be a problem.,But the head makes you use this bullet tomorrow.。”Jing Yun handed over the special bullets of his special bullets to Shawu。
Xiao Wu took the bullet:“This bullet is more than the three-eighth large cover!”
“The head says that this bullet is even more powerful.,Farther,You only have a chance,Be sure to succeed!”
“I will definitely complete the task given by the head.!”Take this shot of the gun Xiao Wu also decided to go all out。
Everyone is envious of Xiao Wu, familiar with this strange gun.,Zhou Da Liang asked:“Scenery,Do you know the head??”
“Previously seen!”Jing Yun nodded,
“This gun is brought by a junior art,Long Chijun is not big brother!The head of your mouth will not be a big brother.?”Zhou Dadi stared at the eyes of Jing Yun,
Zhou Dak is still smart in these people.,The soldiers who have previously been used by the Warriors and the Eighth Route Army are all good weapons.,After you go to Donghua Outcom, everyone knows that Shen Xilin has cooperation with Junmedian.,And these weapons are from Shanghai by Jun Fu.。
This foreign line is a long history,From the name,So, At that time, Zhou Liang has already doubt it.,There is also the most important point,They also never believe that the big brother is ruthless is a true devil.,Because he took all five people to do everything.。
Seeing Jing Yun laughing,Zhou Dak is more affirmative:“It’s really big brother!?”
“Big brother,You are the head of the seedlings, the big brother is ritual.!?”Lu Zhengnian also doubts,Because Zhuang Xiaoman is a long spring, a woman, Shanghai, no one knows,For a long time, it is rumored.,Lu Zhengnian does not believe in Zhuang Xiaoman will be a traitor。
“My guess,The biggest customer of Shen Boss is a Jun Fu,And the boss on the hands of the panel is Zhuang Xiaoman,The boss behind is not big brother!”Zhou Da Liang said with chin to refer to the transformed sniper rifle。
If your big brother is rumored is a devil, how can it take so many weapon ammunition in the goods?,Lu Zhengnian laugh:“Ha ha,I have long said that the big brother will not be a devil.!”
“Scenery,Long Pool Jun is coming!Are you right today??”Zhou Da Liang asked,
“For you smart,I didn’t want to tell you so quickly.,Be right,Big Brother is rushing is our head of the seedlings.!”
“Hahaha,Sure enough!Big Brother is too big,Actually became a devil,Downtown Hall!”
“But since he is a person,Why is it with a military traitor??”Huo Qizhong asked,
“I have a lot to have a lot to have a lot of enemy camps.,Otherwise how the devil trusts the big brother!”Zhou Da Liang said,
“At that time, we left Shanghai is the big brother.!The purpose is to worry that it is not good to face us.?”Tan Zhuoli asked,
“good,Big brother should be to go to special high school, so I will let us leave Shanghai.,Because his identity is awkward at that time,If we don’t go, he can’t explain the special high school.。”Zhou Dawa’s mind is getting clearer,
“Ha ha ha ha,We have long known that the big brother is not a devil.!”Jiang Tong said,