After the United States and Indian Army Plateau combined, the two officers "shot"

According to the US "Army Times" website reported on October 30, the US Army and the Indian Army codenamed "Prepare Competition" bilaterally entered the end of October 29.

This two-week exercise was held in Alaska, USA, including cold weather combat training and simulation of United Nations actions.

  According to reports, approximately 350 Indian soldiers from the 7th camp of the Madras Group participated in the exercise in the US paratroopers in Alaska. These Indian soldiers may have come from the south of India, but they serve in Himalayas. The US Army’s college Qi Di Schos said that when the Indian soldiers and their skills said: "There is no mountain range than the Himalayan Mountains, more people.

The professional skills of this subject will enable our paratroopers’ polar combat capability to improve. "Introduction, Schos Command Army 25th Infantuntera Ji’s fourth-infantry brigade cooperates with the Indian army in this year’s exercise.

The Hindu troops invested have the "Shen Ying 7th Camp", and the Indian Army will lead Pragan South Garley. The US Army said that the "prepared" joint exercise seeks to strengthen cooperative combat skills between India and US military in order to help them better engage in the future of the "Indian Ocean-Pacific" emergencies. Schos said that this exercise proved that the two Army will have great improvements in the ability and combat power when conducting cooperation. " South Garley pointed out: "Similarly, we have also learned the various technologies used in combat deployments, especially the training and equipment of anti-simple explosive devices and anti-drones systems.

"Schos added:" When mixed together, (this arrangement) makes us overcome the problems that may be difficult to overcome.

"Two commanders said that this exercise contained two main units – field drills and commanding drills. Report pointed out that field drills are dynamic, and the final stage includes capture tactical goals and capture a high value goal.

Field drills also involve cold weather and hiking and snow survival skills in high altitude areas, medical posts and light weapons shooting.

  South Garley said: "Some situations are unique to high altitude, especially those who will affect personnel and materials. The guns and other equipment are facing a lot of maintenance and maintenance issues. The target field correction is a problem, the vehicle is running and repaired In the process, it is also facing problems. "Report, the script used by the command is analog to the United Nations actions that occurred in a country that was divided by the hostile division.

Its challenges proposed on soldiers involve protecting civil infrastructure, as well as restricting force to meet United Nations licensing.

  Both commanders said they felt that this exercise was successful, and the two soldiers learned important experience from the other side, hoping to be able to show them next year. Schos said that the US military unit will go to India to participate in the next exercise and point out that although the subject scope of the exercise may be different from year, the relationship between the US Indian two Army will continue to be strengthened.

South Garay said: "I am convinced that we will continue to maintain a strong partnership. Report, this exercise is held from October 15th to 29th.