XtNetwork Technology Company Industrial Park Studio,Orderly,Work is basically on track。
morning,Just arrived at the company,Drop the bag,Mobile seat,Turn on the power and turn on the computer。
While the computer display is still starting,Tian Lu takes the electric blow pot,Go to the pantry to fetch water,Well prepared“Water and food”,Women are made of water,Why don’t you drink more water?。Electric blowing pot on the electric base,Suddenly the water from the kettle rang cheerfully,Ready for the day。
Tian Lu’s unconscious action,Patted the palms,The first stop of the activity。Then log on the intranet,I saw the private message from Xuchang on the Internet flashing constantly。Touch the mouse,Click to show in the box:Tian Lu,I’ll take a look at the office。
Tian Lu thought,What will happen,Rarely call me to talk about work early in the morning?
Knock on the door to get in,Xuchang sitting at the desk,His desk is semi-curved,Much bigger than Tian Lu’s,A boss,On the coffee table in the corner,A special filter tea pot is brewing tea。
Although Tian Lu is“old.two”,But in the industrial park studio“BigBOSS”before,It still seems a bit of a sense of restraint between subordinates and superiors。
Flat chair,Sit politely,like a statue,Hand holding notebook and pen,Looking at Xuchang inexplicably,Waiting for him to give orders。
Xuchang and Yan Yue open up:“Call you over,Is such a thing,I had a discussion with a travel agency called Qinghui in the industrial park a few days ago,Basically reached an agreement,They out20Ten thousand,Combine a theme event in the industrial park,Engage in a centralized large-scale publicity。I asked a special planning company to assist with the activity plan,I’ll bring the plan almost in the afternoon,At that time, do you have any objections?,Then take the cooperation plan to the travel agency to contact the person in charge to discuss。what do you think?”
It turned out that Xu Chang was discussing work with himself,Also arrange work,Feel respected,A joy in my heart。
Tian Lu thought,Since arriving in the industrial park,Haven’t undertaken a large-scale theme event yet,This is the first time I have talked with the head of a travel agency,Also challenge yourself。
Tian Lu readily agreed:“Ok,After the planning company you arranged in the afternoon brings the plan,I came to contact the travel agency。”
Xuchang“Ok”With a,Then took out a business card from the drawer,Said:“This is the contact information of the president of Qinghui Travel Agency,You keep it,Easy to contact。”
Tian Lu took the business card,Look forward and backward,The business card is exquisite,English Chinese、Elegant pattern design,Tall。
She replied:“Ok,I’ll be responsible for contacting,What’s the matter,Will report to you as soon as possible。”
After returning to the office,Tian Lu began to wonder how to cooperate,Unreasonable worry,Can’t wait,Didn’t the plan come yet?,After you get it, let’s treat it in detail。