The fifth level is comparable to the normal innate best spirit treasure。

The sixth level is the ultimate innate!
Li Ming bestowed on Liu Xiang,Only the first four。
after all,This method cannot be given easily,Liu Xiang wants more,You have to give more credit。
of course,Just practice the fourth level,Will exhaust Liu Xiang’s wealth。After all《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》The ninth turn,Will make Daozu distressed。
After accepting this magical gift,Liu Xiang’s eyes widened even more。
“This。。This method?”
“Liu Xiang,Since you follow me,Then the fourth level of this method will be given to you。”Li Ming said,“If you want a higher level,You have to make enough credit。”
“Yes,Brother Zhulong!”Liu Xiang was full of joy,Xindao’s refuge in Zhulong is the right step。
He is an ordinary true god,A lonely powerful person who is not even Daozu,Where can I get these supernatural powers??!
unless,He took refuge in Wujianmen?!
but,It’s impossible for Liu Xiang to take refuge in Wujianmen,The last time the co-worker made the move,Is to fight with Wujianmen,Keep fighting for the last。
Liu Xiang,He is absolutely loyal to the Nuwa camp。