one person,It is the little girl Bai Zhilan who was accepted by the Bai family back then,It’s Junior Sister。

And brother,It’s Shu Qiuteng of Lei Yuan Small World。
strictly speaking,The talents of these two disciples,Baizhilan is higher,Practice is more stable,To this day is still an immortal,I didn’t even plan to cross the catastrophe in a short time。
Follow Li Ming to learn the formation,The formation is also a top figure in the heavens,Its strength alone is comparable to some very powerful gods。
But Shu Qiuteng’s temperament is very extreme,Qi Teng’s hatred is too deep,Become obsession。
This obsession,Made him improve rapidly in the early days,Even learn from Li Ming《Star change》,Practice this move to the seventh style early。
But at a certain stage,Obsession、Extreme but hindrance。
Li Ming exterminated the Saito family,But he didn’t extinguish his hatred。
Shot,Pursuing the practitioners of Saito。
His strength at the time had reached the level of 500,000 years of immortality,It is natural to hunt down the scattered Saito disciples。
But later,Those Saito children who joined other forces were also beheaded by him,Even cause a lot of trouble,Some powerful earth and fairy,He even needs to improve,will《Star change》Eighth formula。
But this way of fighting,But let him leave his heart。
The first time through the catastrophe,He has a devil,Hard to survive,Simply take the initiative to save their lives in the thunder robbery,Reincarnation。
Reincarnated this time,The mystery in the womb obscures his memory,Also hides hatred。
This life,His name is Su Nian’an。
A heart that misses peace。
New life,His father is strict and motherly kind,Care for his soul。As the memory continues to recall,He also mastered the methods he had learned back then。