Angyang spirit riveted "Niu Jin" (People’s Forum)

Original title: Angyang spirit riveted "Niu Jin" (People Forum) time is the most meaningful variable, and the most impartial friend, full of magic and witness vicissitudes. A person’s understanding of time, refracts its mental temperament; a nation understands the time, showing its forward gesture. When the time of the passer, the Chinese calamation was bullish, and the Chinese time history opened a new page.

  "The Year of the Ox", "Niu Gong Tian" … During the Spring Festival, blessings with the word "cattle" became high frequency hot words.

In Chinese culture, cattle is a symbol of hardworking, dedication, hard work, strength.

People serve the people, selfless dedication, as the scorpion cattle, to develop innovation, difficult thanks to the wadow, struggle, hard work, to compete for the old yellow cattle.

  At the beginning of the Year, the new journey, new weather, new hopes.

Standing in the historical intersection of "two hundred years", how should we meet risk challenges and attack hard? Contour to open, open a new voyage, how should I deal with the waves, and the road is stable? At the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival, the general secretary of Xi Jinping said: "On the way forward, we must vigorously carry forward the spirit of the scorpion cattle, waters the cow, the old yellow cattle, and don’t worry, can suffer hard, don’t use the whip to fight, Continue to work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, go forward, in the new era, create new historical brilliance! "The spirit of the spirit is endless.

Looking back in the History of the 100th Party, the more we are more difficult, the more you don’t have the spirit of the spirit, and you will not reflect 孺 子 牛, waters, and old yellow cattle. History will finally remember, countless "I" set into "we", will be willing to be a cattle; countless open road pioneing livers, hard to explore, will be a cow; countless ridicity, unyielding spine, Gan is old yellow cattle.

A ordinary struggle, the body is in the realm of "honestiness does not have to be in me" and the "intended must have me", with the spirit of greatness to open the situation again and again, win the victory.

  Looking back at the historical achievements and changes in the new era, it is more exciting for thousands of "孺子 牛", "Popular cattle", "Old Yellow Cattle". The old hero Zhang Fuxi has more than 60 years of hidden fame, standing back in the middle, does not change the original, use simple, indifferent, fame and fortune, wonderful life. Li Liancheng, secretary of "Eating," The "Tian Tuan" is in adhering to the innovation, and dances the Chinese people to explore and innovate, and dance in the field of deep space detection, and win the world’s eye-catching achievements. "Huang Wenxiu" Huang Wenxiu, the first line of poverty, dedication to self, explains the junior mission of the Communists with a beautiful youth, and written the new era of youth songs. The world’s second largest economy, the first major industrial product manufacturing country, the first large cargo trade country, the first big foreign exchange reserve country … After each achievement, the brave and hard work of hundreds of millions of struggle is infiltrated. A shares "Niu Jin". There is a flat road in the waist of Taishan, known as "happy three miles", some people climb, like it. However, picking people will not stay here for a long time, because the rest time is long, the legs will be "lazy", and then "the eighteen" is more difficult.

History and reality are deeply awake, the more you can’t have slightness, you must be full of confidence, but also in danger. Square, "people to half the mountains, boys to the middle", we must not be proud, stop, continue to modest and cautious, arrogant, continue to struggle, and ingest.

Starting from the Year of the Ox, we only continue to keep cautious, such as the gesture of the ice, continue to keep nothing not afraid, and the lunction of the courage is hard, and the head is struggling. "The path of history, not all frank, sometimes goes to the realm of difficulty, this is the spirit of full relying on the spirit of the past.

"A hundred years ago, the revolutionary pioneer Li Dazhao was sigh.

Today, we also need to strengthen "the spirit of our majesty", firm confidence, riveting "Niu Jin", struggling to create new glories in the Year of the Ox. (Editor: Yang Xiana, Sepi).