Tian Lu doesn’t want to trouble others because of his cousin’s job search,Especially for Ye Xingkong。But by oneself,Feel stressed again,Let’s take a step and take a look。

According to the agreed time,I met my cousin at the agreed intersection。My cousin is still childish,I feel that I have gone through a lot of vicissitudes,Can’t help but give birth to a bit of pity。
Can’t help but sigh:The reason why people run around,All for a way of survival。
Plan the first step to find her a place to stay,You can’t go to Ding’s house,Originally she was sent down。
Tian Lu found him a cheap hotel,Let him stay for one night,And then take him to find a job。
Tian Jin barely finished a Class III university,Superficial professional knowledge and social experience,In terms of the current situation,It is not easy to find a decent job in an industrial park,one way or another,She wants to help Tian Jin try。
She thought about,If Tian Jin is asked to work in her industrial park branch,,Computer applications and the ability to speak and write are basic skills,Tian Jin doesn’t know if he can do it,And entering the industrial park studio is not easy,Personnel must be reported to the headquarters for record、Review,Salary can be determined after passing。
Tian Lu feels that she can be small,Even if Xuchang looks a bit thin,Allow Tian Jin toXtWork in the network technology industrial park studio,How can I find someone who has passed the headquarters?,In other words,Even if Tian Jin works in an industrial park studio,No hiring process down,Work is no good,Who wants to do an unpaid job?。
Helping Tian Jin find a job is a difficult problem,Finding accommodation is relatively easy,As long as money can solve the problem, it is not a problem,And accommodation is just something that can be solved with money,For Tian Lu,Not a big deal。
Search the Internet for things that Tian Jin can do,Be a security guard?Repairman?Hotel waiter?Cashier?These tasks can be done without a diploma。
After discussing with Tianjin,Although Tian Jin is unwilling to do this in his heart, he feels“humble”work,But there is no other way to find a better job,Can only be so。
In Tian Lu’s eyes,Find these in Tian Jin thinks“humble”Work is not easy,First look at whether the employer has such a demand,Secondly, see if he is willing to do it。
Washing dishes and dishes,Now they are cleaned by smart machines,Decontamination and sterilization is stronger than manual cleaning,Employers have less and less demand in this area;Let’s talk about the position of cashier,Are replaced by automatic card checkout,There are only a few places where cashiers are really needed,Poorly few positions,Basically saturated;Let’s talk about the security profession in the company,Nowadays, it is also delivered to employers through personnel training through monopolistic enterprises,Not registered by the security company,The guards of major companies cannot be employed。
and so,Tian Jin now has problems with even the most basic job application,Job hunting,Found a circle,Tian Lu is really helpless。
Just when Tian Lu was at a loss,Tian Jin is empathetic:“sister,I know you did your best,As soon as you have time these days, you take me to consult about a job search,Can’t find a suitable job for the time being,I also recognize,I don’t want to trouble you,Have a good friend in university,It can also be called a girlfriend or something,His father is a freight driver,One person’s helper for loading and unloading,Let me help,There is still a certain salary for a month,I want to try first。”
Tian Lu burst into tears,For one’s inability,Distressed for Tian Jin’s first stepping into society。
Seeing that I was tanned by the sun because of looking for a job,And a sensible cousin,Feeling of distress doubled,A burst of sorrow and grief came to my heart,I blame myself for being incompetent,Difficult to help my brother find a decent job。
Why can someone else’s cousin-age child be looking for a job,So smooth,So chic,Why doesn’t it work on Tian Jin,Is it just born with so much suffering?,Same person,But not fate。
Tian Lu felt sad,Hold back tears,Strong face and smile,Choked:“Also good,You go see your friends first,If it’s suitable, do it first,Inappropriate words,Let’s go find a job。Come on!”