The courageous female man has a heart,It’s also time for my own small electric stove“Residual heat”Up!

Directly adjust the speed to the highest level,When the thief is about to pass her,Speed up,“boom”To the ground,Willow fell to the ground with the car,The thief was knocked down by her too。
There is no shortage of enthusiasts in society,The key is to see if anyone takes the lead,Girls can see righteousness,The men watching by the side moved。
Three or five people gathered,The thief who just got up was pushed to the ground again,To the police who came quickly。
Wait for everyone to finish,I remembered the girl who took the lead,Looking around,Missing。
The woman whose handbag was robbed turned pale,Legs too soft to move,She and her husband went to the wedding,The hotel is not far from the park。
At the end of the wedding,See the weather is good,I just want to go to the park,Haven’t walked to the park,Robbed。
Woman frightened,A man chasing a thief,Don’t worry about his wife,I can only shout a few times。
The thief was caught by everyone,The police came too,The man refused to make a statement by the police,He wants to take his wife to the hospital for a checkup。
The police are very flexible,They are victims,The woman’s look is not good,Let them go to the hospital first,Come to the police station when you have time to deal with follow-up matters。
They came to a nearby hospital,Have a good check in the emergency department,In addition to fright,No other problems,The man is relieved。
Just about to leave,A conversation between a doctor and a patient nearby caught their attention。
“You dare to ride an electric bike with this technology?Breaking the arm is a blessing,What if you hurt your face?”
“I wear a helmet,Won’t hurt your face。”
“That can’t be careless,Sweat easily in hot weather,What should I do if I am infected with scars?”