Show the dagger,Chen Xiu has seen,It’s just that they are too close,Chen Xiu is now fighting fiercely because of his sharper eyesight than ordinary people,But on-the-spot reaction ability is really inferior to Lianjiazi。

Facing the dagger braving the cold, Chen Xiu was stunned.,It wasn’t until the game that the muscle pain in his lower abdomen was sore that he reacted to it all at once.。
The phone in the right hand smashed towards Brother Dog’s head,Kick his left foot to his right wrist at the same time。
This foot Chen Xiu is doing his best,How powerful。
“Click”The sound of,Brother Gou’s arm bone was broken from it,The knife fell to the ground。
Knocked down the dog,Chen Xiu touched the wound in her lower abdomen,The blood on one hand shocked me。
“Over……Don’t you have your intestines broken?!”
It was the first time that Chen Xiu had so much blood since he was a child,The dog brother who doesn’t know life or death on the ground,Hold your belly and run out。
Not far from running to see a taxi parked in front,Get in the car from behind。
“fast,Go to the nearest hospital!”
The taxi driver looked back,This is not the passenger who made a lot of money just now,It’s just that he is holding his stomach with his hands and it seems to be very painful。
“you……You are hurt?”
“nonsense,Why should I go to the hospital without getting hurt?!”At this time, Chen Xiu still didn’t forget a few words。
“This……Is this fighting or being robbed?Or me……Call the police first?”
I’m thinking of calling the police at this time,When the police officer came and finished the confession, I didn’t know if I still had blood flowing.。
“Do not talk nonsense,The money is yours when you go to the hospital!”
Chen Xiu took out a bundle of banknotes from his pocket,He still knows the driver’s greed。
Sure enough, the driver looked at the thick stack of banknotes and estimated that there were thousands of,Grabbed it first and said:“Row!I am also kind to save people……but,Don’t die in my car!”