“Humph!”Wright shook his head,“Unexpectedly, Xuelong Castle Lord is also a strong soul mutation,The breath seems to be water and destruction?Fortunately before he found out,I have found an organization selling intelligence。”

The most prosperous section of Xuelong Castle,There is a very large mansion,It is said to be the place where the main people of Xuelong Fort live。But Wright’s consciousness swept through and knew,There is also a very secret information business。
Just like other guests,Wright carried a black wooden stick in his hand,Walked into this mansion。
This black stick,It’s actually a token like a token。represents‘Regular customer’or‘Someone introduced’,After all, this kind of unofficial intelligence trafficking,More or less in a gray area。
But this seems to be a mere formality,Soon Wright entered the innermost room。
A dragon with a round body is grinning at Wright—God knows how a dragon man grew up like this。
“This gentleman,What information do you want to buy?!”
“I want thirty-six palace masters,And detailed information on the strong under their command。”
“This is easy to say,We do this。”The chubby dragon god said with a smile:“But the information is divided into brief、Detailed and……The three most secret levels?What kind do you want。”
“It seems that these three types of information must also be different。”Wright laughed。
The red-haired young man nodded:“of course。”
“Ordinary information,Are thirty-six lords,Which rule are they good at。How many battles,How many wins。Where are the respective castles。This only needs ten thousand black stones.。”
“Detailed information。The rules that the castle owners are good at,Tricks。Of course, whether they went to the battlefield。And they fought openly,Description of each battle, etc.。we have everything!Of course the price is more expensive,One Hundred Thousand Black Stone。”
“As for the most secret information,Relatives and friends of these castle owners,Strong subordinates,Hobbies,There are records of temperament, etc.。of course……Too secret information intelligence,Its authenticity cannot be guaranteed。In addition to these text data,There are many floating shadows。There are many open battles in the main land of the 36 strongholds,Recorded floating shadows!”
Lai nodded:“Then give me the most secret one first,But Fu Yuanshi,No problem!”
“no problem,There is no problem with the universal currency of the four highest planes of the seven gods。”
“correct,Do you need any other information for this guest?”The fat dragon asked,As an intelligence merchant,He is very sensitive,Wright just‘Give first’Such a sentence,Made him think a lot。