At this moment,Several police officers pushed open the door and rushed in,The leader first glanced at the entire box,Then asked Xiajian:“The waiter here called the police just now,Said someone in your box was fighting“

“misunderstanding!Just a few friends who came here,Want to pull me over for a drink。Maybe it was too much!Everyone’s voice is a bit loud,Moreover,Can i fight can i?”Chen Feng sitting on the sofa suddenly said。
When the police saw Chen Feng,His face changed slightly,Then smiled:“It turned out to be Director Chen!I still believe what you say,Since it’s okay,Then we go”
“Not send!Everyone worked hard”Chen Feng yelled loudly。
Wait for these policemen to leave,Chen Feng stood up immediately,He clasped fists with both hands,Said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia!What I did tonight。Kindness without saying thanks,The mountain does not turn, the water turns,You always use my day”Chen Feng finished,Walk away。
“What a mess,That’s like a national official?I really think of myself as a runaway”Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but laugh。
Guo Meili sighed and said:“Mayor Xia!It seems that your mind is all on Pingyang Town,You really don’t know what happened in this flat city”
“Oh!Appreciate further details”Xia Jian sat down again。Lin Wei was busy filling everyone up again。I already drank almost,But it’s so noisy,Feel drunk。It feels like Xia Jian is not alone,But these three women are the same。
So everyone drank again。Two cases of beer anyway,There are still two or three bottles not opened,The other bottle of red wine is intact。
“This Chen Fengming is the director of the Office of Urban Management Comprehensive Management Office,But I contracted many projects in private。In addition, there are many entertainment venues in the city,Have his intervention。The little brother who messed with him,There are dozens of people”Guo Meili took a sip of beer,He lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I’m really a gangster?”
“He relied on his brother Chen Jiang’s power in Pingdu,Met a lot of people。I do this tonight,Just pave the way for you,Also pave the way for ourselves。We don’t have to be honest with such people,Because he is in my eyes,It’s a smelly fly at best”Guo Meili said coldly。
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,It seems that he has been in the country for a long time,I really don’t know some things。