Supporting kindergarten must be delivered in synchronization with residential

  On November 8, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education issued a public asking for the "Guidance Opinions of the Construction and Management of Residential Community Supporting Kindergarten" (Revised Draft) "(hereinafter referred to as" Opinions "), and" Guangdong Province Pu Hui Private Kindergarten Identification, Support and Management Measures (Revised Draft) "(hereinafter referred to as" Measures "), clearly proposes that the new residential community supporting kindergarten must be a public kindergarten or a Pu Hui private kindergarten, prioritize public kindergarten. The community has a kindergarten, which has always been a hot spot in society. "Opinions", the total number of residential communities is not more than 4,500 (each household), the sporadic development of the sporadic development of commercial housing projects, affordable residential projects and old urban renovation projects, according to the planning standards and regional resident population, according to the number of people, according to the The number of thousands of people in the household is not less than 40 and the kindergarten service radius requirements, combined with the actual planning of the residential community supporting kindergarten construction land.

  Each 4,500 people or more is reserved for a three class or more (30 cases per class).

Kindergarten should have independent construction land and entrances, and consider the factors such as local economic and social development, family planning policies, and improve the scale of kindergartens. There is no residential community requiring a standard requirement to support the cost of the construction and land use of the proposed kindergarten (number of households) in its residential area, solving the degree needs of their new residential children in their new residential areas. Community supporting kindergarten, when is it built and put into use? "Opinions" clearly, residential community supporting kindergartens is supported by the residential area development and construction units, and guarantees the construction of kindergarten construction and the residential community development and construction synchronization planning, synchronous construction, synchronous completion, and simultaneous delivery.

Projects and development projects, the first phase of the development project, and the first phase of the development project. Guangdong continues to promote the realization of public kindergartens to account for more than 50 children, and the public and Pu Hui private kindergartens account for more than 80% of the target. The "Measures" clearly, the Pu Huiyu private kindergarten recognized once a year, and it was valid for 3 years.

It is recognized as a Pu Hui Private Kindergarten and will be supported.

  Among them, new, redevelopment and expanded the Puhetic Private Kindergarten, and the local people’s governments should give land-land benefits in accordance with the equivalent principles of public kindergartens. Support the development of Puhetic private kindergartens by taking government purchase services, reducing rent, taking prizes, and serving public teachers. Safeguarding the Puhetic Private Kindergarten has the same status as the public kindergarten in terms of classification, assessment guidance, scientific research project declaration, teacher training and title review. Provincial Financial Coordination Central and Provincial School of Education Special Funds and other prize funds, according to the number of degrees, garden quality and support, management work in accordance with the Puri Private Kindergarten. All China and counties (municipalities, districts) have implemented the heterogeneous funding policy of Puhuui Private Kindergarten, funding the Popular Kindergarten Family Economic Difficulties, orphanages and disabled children have accepted the pre-school education, improve the Puyan Kindergarten Garden Conditions. The "Measures" also stated that the funds supported by the prefecture-level market and counties (city, districts) should strengthen the support of the Popular private kindergarten, and take practical and effective measures to support the development of Puhetic private kindergarten, and should refer to the public speculation of the public kindergarten. Subsids to the Popular Private Kindergarten, encourage conditions and counties (cities, districts) to improve subsidy standards, and issue teachings for children who have long been engaged in kindergarten conservation education.

  The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Education stated that encouraging and supporting the Popular Private Kindergarten to carry out the training of normalized teaching scientific research and park, scientifically arranged the child’s life, prevent and correct the "primary school" behavior. (Reporter / Wu Shaomin).