Sharing technical talents boost industrial upgrading (new viewpoint)

  Enter into the brain operation center of Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province, a huge LED display. Simply open the screen, you can quickly accurately match the engineers that provide technical services in the talent durse in the talent demand. "The key to the transformation and upgrading of Shaoxing special industries is the breakthrough in talents.

"Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Wenguang said in recent years, Shaoxing has established a local specialty industry, and has explored the establishment of printing and dyeing, integrated circuits, pearls, socks, etc., with the integrated innovation center, with digital reforms, and traction, through collectors, research institutes, Engineers, sharing technologies, talents such as universities, enterprises, etc., to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

At present, the storage engineer has participated in more than 1,000 technical services and more than 180 enterprise technology problems. Sharing Engineers, for the company to supplement high-end talent short board Zhuji Mountain Lower Lake is the country’s largest freshwater pearl breeding, processing, trade center, and freshwater pearl annual production account for 80%. Despite the lead in production, it is not very high compared to international peers.

Zhan Chun, Chairman of Zhejiang Yizhen Technology Co., Ltd.

Foreign companies have made pearl extracts, 1 kg price is more than 200,000 yuan! "Where is the big, the crux is not high, high-end engineers can’t find it, can’t afford it. To get rid of homogenization competition, pursue high added value, must focus on high-end products, replenish high-end talent short board.

  The promotion of engineers cooperation with the innovation center is making these problems one by one.

"The Center has gathered talent together by strengthening the docking cooperation with national and global colleges, institutions, associations, and I don’t seek all, but ask for", let large enterprises share their own engineers to the entire industry, jointly directly underworking industry problems, Thus, the development of the entire industry is promoted. "Wang Qinying, Minister of Shaoxing Municipal Committee, said. At present, Zhuji Pearl Industrial Engineer Cooperates that the innovation center has introduced 368 engineers, covering ecological breeding, jewelry design, jewelery processing, jewelery identification, product development, marketing live and other industrial chains. The center has docking the head enterprises, one with domestic first-class colleges and institutions, and precisely meet the needs of enterprises.

In just a few months, more than 10 technical needs have been planted and resolved in the industry. In the Socks Industrial Engineers, the various types of socks developed by engineers and enterprises in cooperation. Jin Jianfang, the head of Zhejiang Kaicixi Technology Co., Ltd., said: "Our Xinrui Chaashi brand, although the pricing is high, but because of the advanced technology, the product is strong, it is in short supply.

After this, Fang Yuxi, Vice President, Industrial Design, China Academy of Fine Arts, can’t, and he is the innovation center hatching engineer.

"" The newly developed antiviral fabrics, the water washed 50 times, and it can reach 88%. " "Dr. Li Jun, Peking University, Peking University, I am in the Coopean Printing Industry Engineer, said that now, more and more companies come to the center to seek new materials new fabrics, and now the company has obtained 5 million equity financing of local printing and dyeing enterprises.

  To promote digitization, use technical achievements to boost industrial transformation technology, with talent elements sharing, the characteristic industry engineer co-intensional innovation center has given more expectations.

  Promote maturity technology to reduce the cost of enterprise. After the introduction of the printing and dyeing enterprises developed by the engineer Wang Jiang, after purchasing the promotion, the company has reduced the cost of enterprises by 30%.

Pearl Industrial Engineers Associated the establishment of a pearl live broadcast base with the innovation center and the raw, fast hand and other platforms, and settled in 12,000 live broadcasts. Last year, the company has sold 14.7 billion yuan. Promote digital transformation and increase productivity. "The engineer guidance is improved. Our digital system operation process is greatly simplified, and the flexibility is greatly improved." Jin Jianfang introduced that in the past, the socks won the number, a production is a few million pairs, and now, with the market demand is increasingly personal, Customized, hundreds of small orders can also be connected. Building a public research and development platform, shorten the research and development cycle.

"Building a product test platform is 10 million yuan, and start-ups can not be found.

Xu Ji Cheng, the head of Shaoxingnin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. The center test is only two days.

  Construction Collaboration Center has also promoted emerging industrial agglomeration.

Shaoxing City Integrated Circuit Industrial Engineer, together with the innovation center, gathered 10 universities such as Peking University, Zhejiang University, research institutes, providing enterprises with chip test, research and development, experiment and other platforms, taking into account training, roadshows, exchange interactions. When introducing engineers, Shaoxing does not only look at the paper and academic qualifications, more performance and contribution.

Shaoxing Keqiao Printing Industry Engineer Cooperation Innovation Center introduced the intern of Xi’an University of Engineering, serving Keqiao major textile enterprises.

"They focus on graduate students, doctoral students, repeatedly pondering the actual problems encountered by the company, is the future expert!" Shaoxing Fiber Valley Textile Co., Ltd., Zhou Xinyi, said that a corporate sewage discharge problem has not been solved for many years. Under the guidance of a corporate internship, the company has developed a rectification plan for the company, and finally crack the problem.