5G application integration development will enter the new stage in the potential application of thousands of business

5G commercial two years, under the joint efforts of all parties in the industry, the development has achieved remarkable, emerged in a large number of outstanding cases, and 5G applications achieved breakthroughs from 0 to 1.

However, how can 5G development next how to advance the recently conclusion, integration with a 5G industry application online seminar, and the experts have proposed, to achieve the leap from 1 to N, 5G application integration development is imperative .

Employment Millennium 5G-scale application enters a new stage this year, with the release of "5G application sail action plan (2021-2023)", 5G commercial, 5G industry applications are increasingly active.

Director of the 5G Application Innovation Center of China Xinxong Institute, Du Jia, president of 5G Industrial Square Array Industry App Group: This year’s 5G case number, the number of projects exceeds 10,000.

He proposed that this year, 5G entered a new stage of scale applications.

From the country, 5G has penetrated into industry, agriculture, architecture, medical, and more than ten industries. From the statistics of more than 30 provinces and districts in the country, 5G industry applications have become the focus of various provincial capital development.

Wu Bing, product expert in China Mobile Shanghai Industrial Research Institute: At present, China Mobile has already deposited 100 industrial applications in 18 industries, and a total of more than 5,000 projects began to make copy promotion.

At the China Mobile Partners Conference, China Mobile issued a version of the ability to connect to the capacity + capabilities.

China Mobile also proposes a nine-day artificial intelligence platform, focusing on industry, transportation, finance, medical, education, tourism, smart cities, special network operations, and smart parks, and continuously carry out industry communication, promoting the industry’s teducing transformation.

From the model room to the commercial housing 5G development needs to break through the latest data on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At present, the number of 5G base stations in my country has reached 10,000, and the number of terminal connections reaches 100 million households.

Although my country’s 5G industry application has achieved remarkable, due to many industries in my country, the different levels of domestic, enterprises have different levels of development, demand variability, personalized, 5G from the model room to commercial housing scale promotion Still face some challenges. Jingdong Logistics 5G Intelligent Logistics Architect Chen Ya fan, Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. Central Research Institute deputy chief engineer Li Bibo, Hisense Group Technical Director Zhuang Yu has put forward, 5G + industrial Internet is in the industry application process, cost pressure It is not necessary to ignore, existing in the application side, the network side, and the big pain point is urgently resolved. Pan Zhengang, Chief Technology Expert of Zikuo, said: In order to better serve users, there is a platform similar to UOB, which can put downstream, industry applications, in advance. Customers have to support video, and violas have a video interface, and customers should be able to manually intelligent some associated interfaces, and violas can be provided. For industrial internet, it is also required that violet exhibition is incorporated on the previous chip platform.

Such industry customers can customize some module parameters, from us to the platform, and achieve optimal cost.

Tao Yifeng, General Manager of Dingqiao Distribution Module Product Line, also said: As a manufacturer of a communication module, Dingqiao will focus on reducing the entire use cost, able to pull the entire product to a popular price. Building a healthy ecological fusion development help 5G sailor 5G fusion application is an important engine for promoting digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of economic and social. Since this year, under the guidance of policies, the industrial parties have actively explored the new model of integration, and promote 5G applications accelerated. As far as 5G applications, Tao Wenfeng proposed: I hope the entire industrial chain can be deeply integrated, front-end, and everyone can understand the specials of the other party, and some applications and technologies can be used, so that the entire 5G can be used The industrial chain is driven. Du Jiacai said: 5G to TOB is a fused industry. Any industry cannot bear such a historical duties, so everyone cooperates with each other to jointly study and build an industrial ecology, which will be a future the way. 5G industry applications are to solve the problem of customization, high research and development, and the cost of 5G is as low as possible. More importantly, there must be a number of pioneers not only leading technology, but also have a responsibility to have a responsibility, and continue to promote the application of ecological construction throughout the 5G industry.

This seminar undoubtedly explored the integration development of 5G applications. (Daxong Sushi) Editor: kJ005.