Chengdu two electric cars collided with the driver first confirmed the green code to remove the hood of Chengdu electric vehicle – News

Recently, Chengdu epidemic, let Chengdu people engrave the anti-epidemic awareness into DNA. So, this appearance appears: It is wrong, Chengdu people now quarryed a single frame to show the green code.

On November 8, Near the Digital Plaza, Chengdu, collided with two electric cars. Two masters took out the phone brightly, and confirmed that they were green, they were relieved to pick up the mask to start quarrel. Witnesses Mr. Liu said that they left for about 5 minutes. After leaving, the two sides were still quarreling.

It’s all the green code, there will be no more noisy, and the thio is satisfied with personal appeal, and obeys an epidemic prevention requirement, Chengdu people still pay attention! However, this is suggestion: During the epidemic, we must talk about Wude! Not bright, the next time, still wear a checker, more insurance! Chengdu people’s epidemic accomplishment is not so much.

During the epidemic, you should keep a safe distance, you can’t gather, and a company in Chengdu has posted Zhang Guo: "Smoking room is limited during the epidemic, and the employee smoke needs to register."

Mr. Employee said that a layer of smoking room, a smoking room is mostly 6 people, people who want to smoke must be registered, and the front desk will be reminded online.

The row is holding a smoking number, Chengdu is still rigorous! However, smoking is harmful to health, it is better to smoke the smoking room: During the epidemic, the people in Sichuan and Chongxi said that such a singer will not seem to have.

At the end of last year, the epidemic premise slogan of a community in Chengdu, Yudu District: "I would rather I drunk, I will not go out, I would rather sleep the brain, don’t go out to take a risk …" sentence rhyme, Lang Lang card, so RAP In a few, the epidemic prevention knowledge will be remembered. When the epidemic prevention is rigorous, and the joy of the joy. General epidemic, Chengdu people will also engage in celebration, condolences to the soul that is depressed too long. I still remember that I seized 14 days in August this year’s universal quarter. Two multi-functional dust-saving vehicles launched a mist to form a water door to celebrate the universal.

Detailed, they got a "overwater door"! After the unsators, everyone is leisurely in the street, seeing the camera and enthusiastically waving the small flag. At that time, the residents of the sealing area rushed out of the universal community, and the appearance of my college entrance examination was very like. This is light, this waves, Chengdu, the ceremony is full! During this time, it is not only the Chengdu people. The people of the whole country have turned epidemic prevention behavior into a conscious. Everyone’s natural optimism does not fade due to the epidemic, relying on some humor to spend this passionate day.

Epidemic prevention is good, the slogan is less than the market: the snowman who doesn’t forget to give a bunch of the upper cover: this is "明 码 架" ↓ Source: FM93 Zhejiang Transportation Voice Related Hot Word Search:.