Beneficiary is not a little drug god, but more romantic

“Beneficiary” is not a “little drug god”, but more romantic
Liu Yan’s performance refers to “Feng Yue Qiao Jia Ren”. Dapeng’s performance learned “Fighting Gold”.  Produced by Ning Hao and directed by the Olympic Games, the movie “Beneficiaries” starring Dapeng, Liu Yan and Zhang Zixian has been released nationwide on November 8, and the box office has received 27 million yuan on the first day.The film tells the story of Wu Hai deliberately getting acquainted with Miao Miao, an online female anchor, to create a marriage scam in order to treat her son.The “contemporary” elements involved in fraudulent insurance, network anchors, etc. in the movie are in line with the requirements of producer Ning Hao for young directors.It is for this reason that some viewers believe that the film is in the same vein as last year’s word-of-mouth work “I am not a drug god”, like “little drug god”, but unlike the former’s social reality, the director wants to pursue a more romantic feeling.Life is the same, it doesn’t mean anything.”Sauna, Yewang exclusively interviewed the director of the film to bid for the Olympic Games, and analyzed the behind-the-scenes creation of the film.  The story director especially likes to brush the news. The director bidding for the Olympic Games especially likes to brush the news. He can read the vitality from some ridiculous social news.The inspiration for the creation of “Beneficiary” came from a murder and fraud case in 2013 in Changzhou, Jiangsu.In order to create the script, the director interviewed the policeman who handled the case at that time. The policeman reminded the director that the details of the case should not be too straightforward to prevent criminals from following suit and bypassing the criminal investigation methods of the police.  However, in the interview, the police also told another story in this case. Before meeting the victim, the criminals wanted to deceive another woman.But this woman was particularly good to criminals, and she wanted to marry him. When she was about to marry, the criminals conscience found out that she had abused the woman.The Olympic bid was impressed by this part, which magnified this previous history, and did not shoot the part where the criminals actually succeeded.  In the film, the heroine Miao Miao played by Liu Yan corresponds to a woman in the news who wants to marry a criminal.The director set it as an online female anchor, with a contemporary label, “I think this label is very useful, first attach the label and then tear it off.”In the movie, Miao Miao has a makeup removal scene, which is a process of tearing off the label.For actor Liu Yan, it is also a process of tearing off her sexy label and letting the audience see her acting skills.  The performance of Dapeng refers to “Death of Life” Liu Qingyun. Before the filming, the director’s bid for the Olympic Games set a tone for the performances of the two starring actors and found the character traits in several movies for the actors to refer to.Liu Yan plays Miao Miao, an overwhelming online female anchor. The film that the director shows her is “Wind Moon Beauty” and “Non-powerful Aphrodisiac” directed by Woody Allen. The reference objects are Julia Roberts and MiThe role played by La Sorvino, the details of Liu Yanche’s chewing gum appearance are a lot from these two characters.  The film recommended by the director to Dapeng is “Destroy the Gold” directed by Du Qifeng. The target character is Liu Qingyun. The two men can use something together, and then look for the operation in combination with this character.”He took a lot from the inside, hunched, blinked, didn’t look at you when he was talking, and looked at you after he finished.”The Olympic bid likes the “small and beautiful” performance. “In fact, big emotions are not enough to reflect the skills of the actors.” He especially likes some small performances in Dapeng films. “Buying a watch is really a fake. Do n’tIt’s awkward, it’s very delicate. “  In order to be more in line with the image of real people, Dapeng has a great subversion in the shape. His face is blackened and he is made into a new headgear. He likes this kind of reborn and unrecognizable feeling. He often goes to Chongqing when shooting gaps.Walking on the street, singing and begging, going to the hot pot restaurant to apply for dishwashing, and even dressed as a local with another star Zhang Zixian to eat a 90-year-old banquet for an old man, the old man’s son also came to toast.  Because he played a local driver in Chongqing, Dapeng spoke Chongqing dialect throughout the film.The crew asked for a line teacher, and Dapeng himself also found a line teacher. The interesting thing is that the two teachers said differently, and they often corrected each other.The Olympic bid said that because the story is set in Guangyang Town, Chongqing City, it is not the standard Chongqing dialect. The Chongqing dialect is not particularly good, and there is no problem.  The faithful believers who created Ning Hao’s scriptwriting method are the same as “I’m Not the God of Medicine”. “Beneficiary” is also produced by Ning Hao. The works supported by the “Bad Monkey 72 Change Film Project” are all based on social news.Some audience commented that “Beneficiary” is a “little drug god”. The director’s bid for Olympic Games does not have this view. “It is not a work of the same category at all. Some works will bear certain social responsibilities and artistic achievements. I don’t know that I canIt can’t be like “I’m not a drug god”, but this is definitely not. “  At the time of the original creation, the Olympic bid did not want to go on the road of social realism, but chose his own handy way to express it with a black humor and a certain romantic stroke, “I still want to pursue aA romantic feeling, the movie is a very romantic thing, just like life, it is not interesting.”The director chose to star Dapeng and Liu Yan. In addition to the tacit understanding and CP feeling between the two, there is another important reason that the story itself is a cruel criminal suspect. If you change to another actor, you will feelThe hardness of the film is too high, too realistic, “but both of them came out of variety shows, will give you a sense of comics, let the audience feel relaxed, Dapeng is going to kill Liu Yan, don’t be funny, there is a kindSee how you kill the mentality “.  The movie is also known as a relatively romantic ending. Years later, Miao Miao, a property agent, saw Wu Hai, who had just been released from prison, through a telescope.The Olympic bid said that this end point did not choose a blunt “forgiveness” or “unforgiveness”, “let the choice be given to the audience.”The story of this project may have been developed by bidding for the Olympic Games. As a producer, Ning Hao mainly focused on actors and scripts.Ning Hao likes the characters and emotional relationships in the story very much. Let the Olympic bid be written one by one. After writing it, he will make judgments and make revisions.At the beginning, the Olympic bid was very resistant to all the judgments given by Ning Hao, “Because I am more arrogant, I don’t believe much of what he said.”The Olympic bid feels that there is no need to obey the commercial movie scripts. Ning Hao said that you can not accept it, but you must first write it in a black-and-white way, and finally replace it according to the grayscale you pursue.If the characters are painted gray at the beginning, this scale is difficult to grasp.  In later practice, the bidding found that Ning Hao was right, “I am a faithful believer of the faction of his scriptwriting method.”The direction of the entire story of “Beneficiary” has changed more than ten times, and there are twenty or thirty drafts of the script.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Teng Chao