“You can prove Fermat’s last theorem to me!When did you prove Fermat’s last theorem,When will i go with you!”

I’ll wipe it!
Fermat’s Last Theorem,you sure?
Playing dead does not pay for life!
To know,Fermat’s Last Theorem is not a general mathematical problem.
First0075chapter Incorporating mathematical geniuses
Fermat’s Last Theorem,Has become“Fermat’s final theorem”,And four-color conjecture、Goldbach conjecture is collectively known as the three major problems of human mathematics。
The reason is that the French mathematician Fermat1637Proposed year。
Fermat asserts,When integer
>2Time,onx, y, zEquation of x^
+ y^
= z^
No positive integer solution。
Once the theorem is proposed,Immediately aroused great interest in the world mathematics community,In the next three hundred years,Generations of mathematics masters have devoted their lives to it。
However, there is no way to overcome it,The difficulty of proof can be imagined。
Li Jiaxing this guy,Actually asked Qiao Tianyu to prove Fermat’s last theorem,This is really too much!
“what happened,Scared?”Li Jiaxing sees Qiao Tianyu dumbfounded,Raised his head and laughed。