This remark,There was an uproar all around。

Who can think of,Leng Yuexue, the proud girl of heaven in the guild,When he opened his mouth, he asked the overlord Aotian news。
Niu Qiuye quickly shook his head wryly,One finger,Smiled:“Met a real person,I’m afraid you will be disappointed。”
Follow his fingertips,Leng Yuexue saw Lu Menglin who was already excited。
“You are the Tyrant God Aotian?So young!I am Leng Yuexue,Nice to meet you!”Leng Yuexue stepped forward with a smile,Take the initiative to reach out to Lu Menglin。
I don’t know that Lu Menglin didn’t even look at him,As if this beautiful girl is like air。
Everyone discovered the strangeness,Have noticed,It turns out this Tyrant God Aotian has been staring at Leng Yue Wuhen,Haven’t left for a moment。
“Uh not!You are too direct!She is Leng Yue Wuhen,Do you want to go over and say hello?”Leng Yuexue was a little embarrassed,But she adjusted it quickly,Continue to laugh。
The first time a normal man saw Leng Yue Wuhen,It’s mostly like this!
Besides, I didn’t like him,Just say hello,What does it matter,Forget it,Forgive him!Leng Yuexue smiled secretly in her heart。
At this moment,Lengyue Wuhen,That is, Su Xuehen smiled forward,Nodded at the Tyrant God Aotian,Lightly:“Hello there!I am Leng Yue Wuhen。”
Lu Menglin stood up suddenly,Look like a moment,Staring straight at Su Xuehen’s eyes,Shen Sheng:“You don’t recognize me?”
“I know that you are the god proud!”Su Xuehen was a little surprised,She thinks the other party’s questioning method is a bit too much。
“Su Xuehen,You really don’t recognize me?”Lu Menglin blurted out her name this time。
“what?”Leng Yuexue next to him suddenly exclaimed。
She clearly remembered that it was the first time she saw this Tyrant God Aotian,How could he call Leng Yue Wuhen’s real name??
Is it,The two of them knew each other before?It’s not just Leng Yuexue thinking that,But the people who heard this sentence,All the same ideas。
At this moment,Niu Qiuye on the side smiled sourly:“okay!Overlord Aotian,Your tricks are too old-fashioned。Don’t look in the mirror,Who is Goddess Su??She is absolutely impossible to have half a dime relationship with you!”
The voice has not fallen,Lu Menglin’s face is already green,A backhand slap slapped this noisy man away far away。