The face of the lame old man is withered,It looks like a rotten orange that has been roasted and shed water,But the piercing eyes are extremely disproportionate to the face,At this time, intentionally or unintentionally, I looked towards Zhangshu,Just like a glimpse of surprise, Wu Zhang was surprised,Almost threw away the telescope in hand。

What kind of look is this,As cold as a knife,Such a long distance is breathtakingly lethal。at this point,Wu Fang wakes up even if he has a fever again,My whereabouts have long been exposed,It can be said that every move is under the other’s eyelids。Reminiscent of the situation last night,It really made the other party laugh,Wu Fang’s face is hot,I want my head to get into the tree。
But what about?After a brief mood swing,Wu Fang quickly became excited again,This just shows that the wood factory has a big problem,Since it’s dark,Lao Tzu will let you know。It’s just that this old man is too powerful,Except instructors,No one can make him jealous with just one look。
But Yiwu Fang has a rough and fine personality,I just made up my mind after a little weighing。He put away the telescope in a magnificent manner,Then slowly climbed down from the canopy,Check weapon,And trim the shirt,Then humming,Walk straight to the gate of the woodware factory。
Today this place is destined to be lively,Wu Fang has found that someone is staring at him further out,Judging from the body shape‘Doctors’,He curled his lips in disapproval,But there is a lot of confidence,Don’t you object?I don’t want to be shameless,Make things bigger,Can you still stand by?It’s so easy to figure out who the team leader is,Dare to stand up to me。
Wu Fang is annoying‘Doctors’,The tune always doesn’t match,It seems that the running-in time is too short,In fact, he hates that only Xu Wen is in his eyes,Instead of putting him in the eyes of the real team leader。
Li Tianchou said vaguely earlier,Two gangs of people cannot truly blend together without going through the test.,Now it looks like that is really the case,This guy followed himself from the state capital to the county seat,Like a ghost,Dare not come to quarrel,Not willing to help,A pretty dull person。
“I’m afraid this guy has a brain problem.?”In the haystack behind the small steep slope,A young man muttered to himself as he watched Wu Zhang’s swaying figure。
“Don’t talk nonsense,cheer up,Ready to respond to emergencies。”Another low voice came,Quite majestic,It is Hao Kecheng who is still stranded in the small town by the task force,The sarcastic young man beside him is the Yao policeman Li Zhong。
Since the bus explosion on Honghe Road, the provincial capital,Most of the members of the task force were transferred and withdrawn,Only Qian Biyong from the county criminal police team and two local police officers remain,The strength is naturally greatly weakened,But the investigation into the origin of the case has not stopped。
The main reason is Hao Kecheng’s persistence,He always thought,The seemingly ordinary town has big secrets,Also change the mentality of being impatient and aggressive,Sink steadily,Just stay in the small town,Watch slowly,Ask slowly,There will always be clues。
Things changed soon,At least two discoveries made Hao Kecheng excited again,One is Wu Fang from outsiders,According to Qian Biyong, he is his own,Was sent by the superior to guide the investigation。But this person’s whereabouts are weird,Neither contact the task force,Nor look for the local police,Living alone in a small hotel,Nocturnal,I don’t know what I’m doing mysteriously。
Another finding is very meaningful,Fan Carpenter’s occasional behavior of going out at night during his lifetime,Has been confirmed by its neighbors,But the destination of going out is always uncertain。A chance discovery not long ago,Two pairs of Fan Carpenter’s rubber shoes were found near his home,After forensic and trace experts repeated analysis of the mud sample on the sole、Comparison,Finally locked this wooden factory located at the northern end of the town。
Coincidence,The mysterious comrade sent by the superior to guide the work also focused on this place,But looks reckless,I don’t know the so-called appearance really worried Hao Kecheng。
at this time,The rickety Wu Fang has knocked the door of the woodworking factory,The loud sound of the mountain immediately drew the roar of the wolfdog in the courtyard,And the group of young people who were bragging and farting immediately lost their voice。
The little iron door creaked open,Lame old man crouched,Standing in front of Wu Fang with his head tilted,Binocular chaos,Fainted,The confused look is different from just now。Only the wolf dog that has just been chained,grimace in pain,Extremely vicious。
This old man is very good at disguising,Wu Fang had already prepared,But suddenly I saw the other party’s look so old,He is still very uncomfortable,Suddenly no words。
“Who are you looking for?”Or the old man spoke first,Showing the mutilated tan teeth in the mouth,Wu Fang, who has a strong smell of smoke, has been confused。The other party’s dialect is heavy,If not only three words,He almost didn’t understand。
“Find your person in charge,Business talk。”