One hundred people brought back from Tianjin have a plan,Take the curator of the Longchi Mansion,He will arrange twenty people to travel by Tang Ling。

“Tang Dado,These twenty people are allocated in Rongxiang and Shenghui,The yellow chassis is not enough to add some,I will let them report to the situation of speaking every day.,You will report to me a long time every morning.,If you really call me,You can also deal with themselves。”
Some people who are given to the car are to let the Japanese people have a planned,Give people to Tang Ling, I am also assured.。
“boss,During this time, I have sent some comrades.,They are now responsible,Now, the work on Lu Shu has fully launched,Organizing mean or let me talk to Li Shu,If you have a situation, you can inform me.。”
Tang Ling said that there is a danger,Rui Rui and Fu Yingxue will not contact Li Shu,Therefore, if there is any action here, if there is any action, it is contacted by Tang Ling.。
NS367chapter Robbery small day to white
Rui Rui and then see the martial arts,I have no first time to meet sweet and worry-free smiles.,Wu Yizhi’s death and recently learned war truth have grown a lot.。
Wu Vo’s pureza took a few o’clock, and I didn’t have it in the room.,She seems to be deliberately hiding for a long time。
Sprin performance is normal,I didn’t want to persuade her well.,Because time is the best cure medicine,I can’t take care of her.,Because of a small resort new marriage,After taking a bath, I love Fu Yingxue for more than three hours.。
the next day,Rui Rui drove with some gifts first,Wine Yuxi and Zhuneng Yunzi buried:“Long pool,You will come back yesterday.,Today, come and see us.,We are very sad.。”
“I know it wrong.,Two beautiful women forgive me!”Rui Rui said with gifts to two hands。
Wine Yi Yibei congratulations:“Long pool,We all heard about your deeds in Tianjin.,Really powerful,I actually grabbed the King Tianmu of one of the four killers.,I also used such a high-minded trick.,Your policy is also praised by the fields.。”
“The long-term grade of the wine well is the clutch.?”
“Be right,Our report in Chongqing,You are very good to use it.,Wang Tianmu just arrived in the prison when they arrived in Chongqing.,I heard that I have been interrogated for two days.,As long as he is not dead,I think he will definitely fall into our Emperor.!”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“That’s so good.,What I want is this result.,Only those who make the level of Wang Tianwume really sincerely,We can get everything he mastered.!”Qi Rui clamped,
“Long pool,I heard that you have brought it back to a hundred tolerance.?”Zhunexin,
“Yes,They are all Mr. Bai Lang, they are gave me.。”
“Long Pool Jun is getting more and more powerful.,In the future, we have to pay us when we go.。”Wine Yi Yi Hui envy,
“The long-term dri is laughing.!If you have no place to go,Then go to the wine well.!”
“You don’t want to laugh,I have never heard of a woman who has established an independent intelligence agency.!”
“Wine well class longhouse hero,Everything is possible。”
“All right,I don’t laugh with you.,Long pool,Recently there is no military news?”
“Shanghai’s military should have change,I will get a message in these two days.,I will tell you the first time.。”
“Long pool,Waiting for you not busy,I invite you to dinner!”
“How can I let the beauty break?!Or I invite you.,correct,How is the headquarters of the agent??”
“Still old。”
“Then I don’t bother you work.,I’m leaving。”
I have been arrived at four pm.,Rui Rui went to Bailiang to see Matsuba。
“Mr. Xiao,Long Chou Shao Zuo is still in front of me to praise a person!I have already heard your legendary story.,You are a very gorgeous person。”Matsumotism,
“Thank Xie Song Ben President praise,I am eager for the Empire.,I hope I can get more opportunities.!”
“There will be,You are familiar with Shanghai,Looking back, I followed the big things with Shao Zuo.。”
“Thank you, Pattern President!”Xiaoyi to Bai Lang also knows that Matsuya’s remember is the spokesperson of near Weiwen Mo.,He said a sentence affirmed,Then you have a back-out it looks.。
Qi Rui Dai East is in the most famous Japanese restaurant, please ask them to eat,Matsumoto is very happy to call the shadow.,Xiaoyi Balang is very grateful to Jiugu Jun。
“Small day,Your ability I also know,I will give you a task.。”Shadowo,
Xiaoyi is busy with Bai Liang and standing deep:“Believers must go all out!”
“You set up a intelligence agency with Shang Xudong’s name.,The task is those Chinese who have gained the headquarters of the agent.!Do you know why you let you do this??”
“Please also share with the great efforts!”