The 21st Youth Fair will hold talent project fair

  During this Youth Fair, the Talent Project Fair, "Zhihui Sanjiangyuan, Helps New Qinghai" will be held, and the negotiation is organized by the Office of the Organization Department of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Talent Work Leading Group, Provincial Expert Talent Association, Combining the 10th anniversary of the tune, taking the project, part-time, migratory, alliance, counseling, etc. Urgently need shortage of high-level talents and team projects.

  It is understood that the preparations for "Zhihui Sanjiangyuan · Helps New Qinghai" Talent Project Fair is in an orderly, especially the talent project docking, most of which have entered the implementation phase of the specific connection, and achieved remarkable results.

Recently, various units are inverted, and the timetable is listed, and the timetable will be held, and the screening of the on-site signing project is promoted. Filter the needs of talent projects, and do a fine to make a signed preparation and conference preparation work, and the urgent need for talented talent demand. The talent project is introduced through various channels such as "online", ensuring precise matching, effective manner.

Through the project leader, part-time talents, flyback, consultant guidance, introduction, retirement special hicies, etc.

(Editor: Ma Jianhui, Yang Yang).