Changchun New District launches green approval action to make government service more temperature

Raise awareness and efficient service. Combined with the "business big compassion" arrangement, carry out the government approval service self-test activities, through the problem, digging root, insufficient, repair the short board, firmly establish the business environment "a game" concept in the administrative examination and approval department in the district , Strengthen "approval, service" consciousness, transformation "Whoever is the same, who can batch" thinking, elimination ", hide, see hard, avoid" emotions, avoid pushing, lazy politics, etc. Enterprises and the masses provide more efficient services. Reform and innovation, approval. The examination and approval department took the initiative to track, and the provincial and municipal "venting service" reform arrangements are deployed, according to the "green approval action" of the city, surrounding the reduction of the link, excellent process, pressure time, adherence "can simply (reduction), It can be followed, and it is committed to commitment to the principle, and the implementation of the project to handle the cost, compress the municipal public access time limit, accelerate the separation and reform of the certificate, promote the joint office of the examination and approval, and continue to optimize the company’s cancellation procedure, and promote "one network." Strengthen approval service reform and innovation, the practice of the standard advanced region, accelerate the "one-time office" pilot reform, deepen the "list system of the project construction project" + inform the commitment system "reform, and actively promote" multi-trial " One "" Multi-Test One ", strive for more provincial and municipal reforms to carry out pilot in the new district, and fully create reform experience that can be copied can be promoted.

Clear standard, clear responsibility.

Carry out the standardization construction of approval services to ensure the normative, accuracy and traceability of the approval service behavior; each examination and approval department combed, confirmed, and then confirmed, guaranteeing the number of bases, unclear power, responsibility, unclear; Jidist Office "Changchun Online Service Hall and Sugges Guide", ensuring that the office is consistent.

It should be in advance, standardized approval. According to the "three concentrations, three in place" requirements, in addition to national security, confidentiality and other matters, further strengthen the government service matters to enter the hall centralized norms, and put an end to the development of the pre-audition, and avoid the enterprise and the masses "running department" " "Phenomenon, truly realize" no approval outside the hall ". Improve the team and enter the business. Sending a strong business ability and high quality, high-quality personnel, guarantee the stability, continuation of the approval personnel; regularly organize approval personnel to learn, ensure that the administrative examination and approval service "one-time notification" is clear and accurate; establish approval staff AB Working system, responsible for approval personnel to do business, one special. Strengthen discipline and improve the style.

The enrollment of the examination and approval personnel perform the management functions, establish and improve the daily management system such as attendance and outgoing registration newspapers in the morning and evening.

Through the implementation of green approval, create more efficient, more temperature-free government service environments, let enterprises, the masses see Changchun New District in investment, develop economic sincerity, determination and effectiveness. Optimized government service is always on the road.

Cut reform, efficiency, grasp the service, temperature, Changchun New District will continue to enhance the satisfaction of enterprises and people through more convenient, more efficient government services, gaining the sense of approval service, new as the speed of speed , Implement breakthroughs to promote the stability of high-quality development in Changchun New District.

(Editor: Gu Shi Cong, Xie Long).