Dazu Gas Damin leads the villagers to increase the income

Gutan is in the greenhouse to see the growing vegetables. The Dazu District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by the People’s Network.

Hungiang to develop greenhouse fruits and vegetables and ecological agriculture, he also created a famous rural tourism resort in colorful rice fields while driving the folks, and he was also ranked as a moral model of honesty and trustworthy category in Chongqing.

  Many years ago, Gulu was working outside but always in his hometown. In order to lead the hometown of the masses, he took the initiative to contact the two committees of Changhong Village, preparing to return to the hometown to develop agriculture. After detailed consultation and long-term investment, Gulu Damin is aimed at the large shed fruit and vegetable planting project.

In the face of the price of the long-term flow of 600 yuan / mu, Gulu Deli believes that the income of the people will not increase after the growth of the industry, will suffer, so it will be losing, so it is a land rental (circulated) gold, the calculation price according to the alleged The market price of the valley every year makes the people in annual income.

  Considering that the construction of the ecological park will damage the food, trees and gratin of the rental villagers, and it is reduced to compensate for the loss of the villagers. Osmin ‘s behavior moved the villagers, less than a week, the villagers all signed the land lease (circulation) agreement.

  In 2018, Gulugee began to build more than 200 acres of multicolored rice fields, which plan to broaden the rural tourism lines.

In September, the first multicolored rice festival opened, and more than 100,000 visitors were attracted during the event. Today, many villagers have worked in Gulu, and the multicolored rice festival has also been held in a row, and the agricultural base will enter the right track.

Valley is committed to the villagers, and hundreds of acres of land transfer costs are borne by him, which gives the village more confidence. (Liu Zhengning, Xie Jiajie) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.