In the morning, Golden Ten Minutes, insist on a few health exercises, there will be magical effects!

In the morning, “Golden Ten Minutes”, insist on a few health exercises, there will be magical effects!

The day is in the morning, and the morning time is extremely important.

After a night of sleep, people feel dizzy when they just get up, and their limbs are sore.

Experts tell you to grasp the “golden ten minutes” from the morning and do a few health exercises, which will speed up the waking and prolong life.

1, two hands on one minute[action essentials]two palms quickly confronted 300 times, let the two palms turn red and hot.

[Benefits]The fast-paced hand movement can mobilize the nervous system, let the body slowly wake up, instead of waking up and getting out of bed immediately; stimulate the palm points to pass the six classics, strengthen the internal organs, reconcile the yin and yang, relieve shoulder pain, eyesFatigue and so on.

2, finger combing hair for a minute[action essentials]fingertips, from forehead massage to the top of the head to the back of the brain, 2 per second?
4 times.

[Benefits]Finger massage on the head can stimulate the cerebral cortex, promote metabolism, improve and improve blood flow in the brain, make the hair roots fully nutritious, and the hair is black and shiny.

There are “Baihui points” on the top of the person’s head, which is the collection place of the meridians.

Comb head can compress a certain way to clear the meridian and regulate the balance of human body function. It is a way to maintain health and strengthen the body.

3, 揉 wheel for one minute[action essentials]hands with empty fists, with the thumb, forefinger on the ear wheel down to push the motor for 1 minute, until the ear is full of heat.

[Advantages]There are many acupuncture points in both ears. Daily massage can align the meridians, run the blood and regulate the function of the organs.

4, snoring for one minute[action essentials]two hands on the sides of the nose, from the nose to the bottom of the nose, up and down the nose 50 times.

[Advantages]The index finger can be suffocated by the wind, open the lungs, have a certain effect on colds, upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, and even heart disease and atherosclerosis.

5, 揉 navel for a minute[action essentials]with the palms of both hands overlap, clockwise to rub the navel.

[Benefits]Lightly licking the navel can spread the stomach, promote digestion and absorption, and excrete the body’s exhaust gas; after massage, develop the habit of getting up early to defecate, discharge metabolic waste, and relax.

6, abdomen lift anus for a minute[action essentials]1, abdomen, slowly exhale, while consciously lifting up the anus, after the air in the lungs exhaled, hold the breath and keep the anus for 3 seconds.

2, then relax, rest for 3 seconds, repeat the above actions after deep breathing.

[Advantages]Repeated contraction of the anus can enhance the contractile force of the anal sphincter and promote blood circulation.

7, turn the eyes for one minute[action essentials]The eyeball rotates clockwise and counterclockwise 30 times, then blinks 3-5 times per second.

[Benefits]Rotating the eyes can be refreshing, strengthen the eye muscles, help cure chronic keratitis, presbyopia and other effects.

8, stretched and flexed limbs for one minute[action essentials]lying flat, head slightly back, two feet and two hands doing stretching exercises.

The body expands in a “big” shape.

[Benefits]By stretching and flexing the limbs, the blood of the limbs can be quickly restored to the heart, and the oxygen and blood supplied to the heart and brain system can help prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and enhance the complications of joints of the extremities.

9, step on the foot of the heart for a minute[action essentials]supine with the feet of the feet alternately stepping on the feet, so that the feet feel warm.

[Benefits]The Yongquan point in the center of the foot is the starting point of the foot Shaoyin kidney. The point has the functions of “safeening the nerves, refreshing the brain, clearing the sputum and solidifying the qi”.

10, turn left and right for a minute[action essentials]gently turn over the bed, turn over, the body’s shoulders, buttocks, waist to move at the same time.

[Benefits]can make the spine big joints and the waist and buttocks muscles fully active, relieve the stiffness of the buttocks muscles, coordinate the muscle activity, and strengthen the muscle strength for a long time.

Wake up in the morning to do ten “one minute”, let the body wake up from sleep, let the function slowly recover, and health begins early.

Hurry up and let the people around you know it!