The thin man looked over and explored a way to increase his weight.

The thin man looked over and explored a way to increase his weight.

I weighed it yesterday and found that I already have 65kg!

  I am 1 in height.

75, but the weight is always sloshing around 115.

The first impression of others is not very good – as thin as Osama bin Laden.

If Andy Lau is the same as me, it is estimated that there is no charm.

  In fact, fat and thin estimates are also determined by genes.

Some people eat anything fat.

But they look so embarrassed.

  Suddenly one day, I thought, since I can’t grow up, why not grow muscles?

  So I started my exercise program.

Here’s how I found out myself to increase my weight.

  An arm with a strong arm is estimated to be safe.

I just started exercising from my arm.

  The company sent me to a business trip for a month, where I worked very hard.

Every day until 10 o’clock.

I have been sleeping badly, so I have been trying to make myself fall asleep.

I found that doing push-ups makes myself tired and can sleep well.

So I started doing push-ups before going to bed.

Since then, I have been sticking to it and found that my arms are a lot thicker.

Not only the arm, the barbell and the chest muscles are developed a lot.

Men need a tall and straight posture, and if they wear a suit, they are very good.

  After the inverted push-ups contracted, I found that the push-ups were not strong enough.

  One day at COEX, I saw my own personal street dance, which had inverted movements, it was cool, and Thomas was fully rotated.

I suddenly thought about what would happen if I did a push-up.

  I tried it and found that I can exercise my arms and shoulders and the muscles on my back.

Now I am like a boxer – but I haven’t learned Thomas.

  The inverted position is originally an extreme sport.

In yuJia, there are “headstands” and “shoulders”.

When the body is inverted, the blood flows to the brain, which can promote the mind to be clear.

Promote blood circulation in the head – people with inverted hair have more hair.

  If you add more protein while exercising, the effect will be better.