How many days and nights can the Shouyue Pavilion exist in the rivers and lakes?,Naturally have their stuff,Before those guys start,They have completed the preparation。

A wall formed by moonlight,Separate Xia Chenglong from them,No matter how to attack,Just not moving。
“I said,Your opponent is us,Please let Mr. Xia leave。”
“it is good,very good,Since you are strong,Then it’s all here!”
Chapter four hundred and ninety six Charisma
Someone wants him to die,There are also people who don’t want him to die,This kind of different long-cherished back and forth made the situation today。
The participation of the Shouyue Pavilion will not affect the outcome of the whole situation,For Xia Chenglong, this is still a dead end,And they just extended the deadline。
Seven to one,No matter who it is, will think of the final result,Enemy with the entire North Sea,It is not easy to be able to stick to this point。
Xia Chenglong and another warrior are still advancing,Because this kind of progress is meaningful。
Stop again in ten minutes,Here is a bamboo forest,Breeze is coming,Blow up the bamboo leaves scattered on the ground,Dancing in the air,Cooperate with the four people who appeared in front of you at this moment,Seems quite artistic。
These four are not standing like before,But one person, one flute, one person, one piano, and two people, one chessboard。
Play against the piano,This is indeed an extremely elegant thing for many people,They feel different from ordinary warriors。
It’s worthy of recognition that these guys are also great,Piano and flute,Turned out to be an invisible air,This qi has a killing effect while showing beauty,If anyone dares to underestimate,I’m afraid I will be killed invisible。
Chess players no longer play chess,The flute player no longer plays the piano,They do this to respect the people who come here。