But it’s different at the moment,The huge crescent moon blade reached a hundred feet with blood,The same power as Skyrim,Then directly tear open the black sand barrier in front of you。

Want to rip off such power,How powerful is that,Middle level,The upper level asks the gods,Even in the concentrating state……
Xia Chenglong did it at this moment。
And after splitting the black kill of hundreds of meters apart, he finally revealed his original face,A black throne,It’s exactly the same as what I saw in Jianyuan。
But their thrones are different,Like the guy at the moment,The opponent’s throne seems to be formed by the superposition of countless swords。
The armrests on both sides happen to be the hilts of two swords,Plus the huge figure sitting on it,A feeling of king over the world。
“well,very good,I feel a familiar smell in you,In that case,Then become my body,Let you be honored to see this world become our world。”
The Dark Lord is talking,Xia Chenglong stood quietly,The enchanted Xia Chenglong no longer has the ability to think,His instinct is to fight。
So the sword is swung,Countless phantoms are formed all over the body,His body hasn’t moved yet,There is no need for these routines that must be swung。
“Chiba Xianglong!”
In the past, with Xia Chenglong’s full strength,Can cast six stegosaurus circling,You must know that each of them can easily cause the fifth-Rank to enter the holy realm.。
It’s different now,Not six,Not ten,But the whole Longhai。