Guan Tingna is back ten minutes later,She threw the stack of bills in Xia Jian’s arms and said:“go with!Go to the first floor and go through the discharge procedures for me”

Things have reached this point,Xia Jian is useless anymore。She followed the prompt,Completed the discharge procedures for Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna doesn’t have much,She only carried a small bag,The rest is a packet of medicine。Because they both drove,And all stopped at the hospital,So it became a problem for a while。
“such,Stop the car first,Let’s go out for a meal。Then we drove back to Pingdu”Guan Tingna said seriously。
Xia Jian glanced at her a little pale face,Yu Xin couldn’t bear to say:“Eat ok。I’ll go back to Pingdu after eating,You have a good rest tonight,Just come back tomorrow afternoon”
“eat first,I’ll talk about the rest after dinner”Guan Tingna said impatiently。
For Xia Jian, Buchuan City,No stranger,He found a slightly better restaurant,Walked in with Guan Tingna。Just to be quiet,Xia Jian asked for a private room。
Guan Tingna just lived in the hospital,Definitely need to make up,So Xia Jianquan ordered some nutritious dishes。Like shrimp、Fish or something。To know,these things,Xia Jian doesn’t like eating very much。
Xia Jian’s Order,Guan Tingna only smiled and said nothing。She understands Xia Jian,Usually eat out,In general, it is very frugal,For her today,It can be said that Xia Jian has lost his money。
Two people eating delicious meals,Talking about some work,The atmosphere is really harmonious。Nice time,It’s always fast。When they come out of the restaurant,The sky is getting dark。
“Go back??”Standing at the door of the hotel,Guan Tingna asked with a sweet smile。
Xia Jianchang also said in one breath:“forget it!Let’s go back together tomorrow!”
“If you don’t dislike,You live in my house,I’ll stay with grandma”Guan Tingna said sincerely。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“no need,I have a place to live”
“Oh!How did i forget,You used to live in a big villa”Guan Tingna was slightly disappointed,But she still smiles,Walk side by side with Xia Jian towards the hospital she just stayed in。
Suddenly,A black Mercedes Benz suddenly stopped beside them。Guan Tingna didn’t pay attention,Leaning in shock,Leaning in Xia Jian’s arms。
At this moment the door of the Mercedes Benz car opened,A chubby young man walked out of the car。This guy is burly,Just a face doesn’t look good,What’s terrible is that he also dyed a pinch of yellow hair,So it looks,He looks even uglier。
“Yo!Guan Tingna!What’s wrong with you,So ugly”This guy said,Reached out,Touch Guan Tingna’s face。
Guan Tingwa suddenly raised her arm,Open this guy’s hand,Coldly scolded:“Huang Gui!You are too much!Am i familiar with you?”
“Hahahaha!how?Embarrassed。You have such a beautiful face,Isn’t that a waste of blindness”This guy named Huang Gui,So presumptuous in front of Xia Jian,Don’t put Xia Jian in his eyes at all。