It makes no sense for the third raid,The suggestion was made by Li Tianzhen,Use again and again,I don’t have a heart over and over again,Decided to kill a carbine,Dayan actually laughed and didn’t object,Both seem to be marked as hidden,It’s really miserable,If you don’t keep on harassing like this,Once the Holy Blood Array is found by the blood clan,They won’t have any chance。

This is from Dayan’s judgment,In his prediction,It’s amazing that the blood clan can gather three to four elders at a time,Unexpectedly, six people came,This attitude shows that the opponent will use the power of the clan to open the holy blood array,Six elders gathered,It means how many ways they have to find a big battle in a short time,The crisis is imminent,There is still no news from the Metaworld Secret Realm,No other allies,This means that even if the two of them drain the last drop of blood,I am afraid it will be difficult to stop the other party。
Whether Li Tianzhi or Dayan,Of course not willing,As long as the blood on the body has not drained,Will definitely continue to harass,So the third attack,The two really almost took their lives。
But this sneak attack finally worked,The kinsmen began to evacuate from the outskirts of Qianshan in batches,Gradually approaching the camp where Li Tianzhi and Dayan hide,The fifth elder of the blood family realized that he didn’t kill the two annoying guys behind him,I’m afraid it’s hard to have peace,And the clansmen who sent to the other three rifts to do things have no news.,Luck doesn’t seem to be on the side of the tribe,So tyrannical emotions are hard to control,Go out,Will inevitably bring the two down。
No worries tea,Li Tianzhi and Dayan are both seriously injured,It’s hard to fight again in a short time,All you can rely on is the remaining forty war puppets,Relying on the formation method, it can barely last for a while,But if the elders of the other party make a shot together,This time may be shortened drastically。
“Only hope,You and i have to try。”Li Tianzhi told Dayan with his spiritual knowledge,“Put‘Son of Metaverse’Release it。”
“Seems to be you,Not me。”Dayan shook his head。
“That is natural,I’ll do that bad old man’s work,You convinced‘Son of Metaverse’。”
“I don’t have that face。”Dayan keeps shaking his head。
“Dying,How to know without trying?”
“While the blood race hasn’t pushed too close,hurry up。”
“But let the boy out,You and I can’t control it either。”
“Come out first to solve the urgent needs,After discussion。”
Dayan looks up to the sky,It’s hard to decide,Isn’t it so easy to control this?If he knows where the Metaverse Secret Realm is,It’s going to be a disaster,But if it doesn’t solve the current crisis,It’s also a disaster,Cold wind blows,He smelled a strong bloody smell,It is said that the supernatural powers of the blood race will appear in front of you,It can only be so。
Li Tianzhen took out the Linglong treasure box,The two released their spiritual consciousness and entered the magic tower one after another,This is a very risky move,Because once the blood race arrives and launches an attack,The defensive formation of war puppets is not commanded by Li Tianzhen,Fighting power will drop more than two levels,Suddenly it’s a disaster,But now there is no choice。
“Sun Tiangang,come out!”Li Tianzhen stood at the bottom of the tower and shouted on his back,“An old person visiting,How about seeing the previous?”