Is antral sinusitis really equal to gastritis?

Some habits can cause sinusitis

Is antral sinusitis really equal to gastritis?
Some habits can cause sinusitis

It is often suspected that antral sinusitis is gastritis?

In fact, gastritis and antral sinusitis are two different concepts. Gastric sinusitis is a type of gastritis that causes gastritis including antral sinusitis.

What is the difference between gastritis and antral sinusitis?

What habits can cause antral sinusitis?

The difference between antral sinusitis and gastritis is defined by the composition of the stomach. The stomach can be divided into four parts: the cardia, the fundus, the stomach, and the antrum.

The entrance to the stomach is the sacred door and the exit is the pylorus.

The gastric antrum refers to the part between the pylorus and the plane of the gastric angle.

1, from the location to distinguish[gastritis]according to the location, gastritis can be divided into antral sinusitis, gastritis and total gastritis.

Gastritis is a collective term for all types of gastritis. It refers to inflammation of the gastric mucosa caused by any cause, often accompanied by epithelial damage and cell regeneration (such as superficial gastritis, atrophic gastritis, etc.).

[Gas sinusitis]Gastric sinusitis is a gastritis, which refers to a chronic complication of implantation into the antrum of the stomach. It mainly leads to multiple implantation of the mucosa, but also to the muscular layer or serosal layer (such as in the antrumChronic superficial gastritis or atrophic gastritis, etc. occurred in the department.

2, from the symptoms of the patient’s symptoms[gastritis]gastritis mainly manifested as upper abdominal pain can not, loss of appetite, fullness, belching, acid reflux, nausea and vomiting and other indigestion, a few people have upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

[Gastrointestinal sinusitis]Gastric sinusitis occurs in men over 30 years old. It is characterized by upper abdominal fullness, dull pain or severe pain. It often causes seizures, which may be accompanied by hernia, acid reflux, vomiting, anorexia, weight loss and so on.
The disease is closely related to mental factors, which can lead to increased symptoms when the patient’s mood is fluctuating or fearful.

Causes of antral sinusitis 1. Causes of disease: When combined with chronic stomach diseases and chronic diseases, the local defense function of transformed gastric mucosa is reduced, and gastric dysfunction occurs.

In addition, tonsillitis caused by tonsillitis, sinusitis, caries infection, etc., often cause a decrease in the barrier function of the gastric mucosa, causing antral sinusitis.

2, too much stomach acid: stimulate the amount of gastric acid secretion, produce gastritis.

3, the law of life: life is not regular, there is no proper exercise to make the body can not creep and empty, so that the function of regeneration and secretion is weakened, digestive power is reduced, it will lead to antral sinusitis.

4, tobacco and alcohol stimulation: avoid alcohol and tobacco.

After smoking, nicotine can stimulate gastric mucosa to cause increased gastric acid secretion, which has harmful stimulating effect on gastric mucosa. Excessive smoking leads to pyloric sphincter dysfunction, causing reflux of gallbladder, damage to gastric mucosa, and affecting blood supply and stomach of gastric mucosa.Mucosal cells are repaired and regenerated, so stop smoking.

Alcohol can directly destroy the gastric mucosal barrier, causing H + invading the gastric mucosa in the stomach cavity to cause mucosal congestion, edema, erosion.

5, emotional factors: mental factors are closely related, emotional fluctuations or fear of tension, resulting in increased symptoms.

When the parasympathetic nervous system is excited, it is also easy to cause antral sinusitis.