People’s comments: Let data security to make a beautiful digital life

Original title: Let data security to make a beautiful digital life (people’s comment) With the accelerated development of digital economy, data has become important production factors.

Strengthen data governance, protect data security, build a safe barrier for the continuous health development of digital economy, which is the objective need of the development of the times.

In recent years, the rule of law of China’s network space presses the "acceleration key".

Data Security Law, Key Information Infrastructure Security Regulations, Personal Information Protection Law, etc. The system will be further improved. Enjoy a beautiful digital life, data "security lock" is essential.

my country’s netizens have exceeded 1 billion, forming the world’s largest, vibrant digital society. However, all kinds of data in the era of big data is rapidly increased, and the massive gatherings are also accompanied by some new problems, new challenges: to open the app on the mobile phone, and the risk of hidden personal information is over-collected in the use of the use of personal information; from the network Shopping to travel traffic, users are accurate "portrait" by big data, and may also encounter big data "killing"; fishing sites, Trojan viruses, hackers, etc., data leaks, etc. SMS, recreation to induce cybercrime such as telecom fraud … It can be said that data security has become an urgent requirement to meet the needs of people.

It is also necessary to see that digital technology and depth of production and life, data security has also become a major topic that is related to national security and economic and social development. For example, key information infrastructure is a "nerve center" in economic and social, but it is also facing a serious network security situation.

The Key Information Infrastructure Security Regulations will institutionalize the successful experience of practice, and the "infrastructure" of digital life has a more solid rule of law guarantee.

For example, a large number of data frequent cross-border flows has brought about the test of digital management capabilities, more important for national security, public interest, and personal rights, establish and improve data cross-border safety management related systems, and self-evident. Today, digital governance needs to extend more deeply. Safety is the premise of development and development is the basis of safety.

Without data security, the development of digital economy, the operation of digital society will lose firewall; there is no brief development of digital economy and digital society, data security has also become passive water, none of this wood. The soil that is constructed by digital economic innovation, creates the environment of digital social health development, inseparable from data safe and efficient flow, all of which depends on the ordered rule of law escort.

Practice has proved that when laws, regulations or law enforcement supervision have weak links, the market is easy to get into the development trap into the barbarian growth, eroding the basis of the long-term healthy development of the industry, destroying the stability of digital life; when we adhere to the rule of law as a fundamental means, Give the market clear and stable expectations, reach the best solution for balanced development and safety, the market entity will eat "fixed pill", digital dividends can be fully released, digital life will be more beautiful. Data security is a global issue, no country can be alone. Looking at the world, informatization, digitization, networked, intelligent has become trend, but the rule is missing is the outstanding challenges facing the current global digital governance. Dealing with data security risks, need to condense global digital governance. China’s "Global Data Security Initiative" launched last year, contributing China’s program, China’s wisdom, and is getting a positive response from more and more countries. Coping to meet the strategies of data security risks, seek national governance, in order to seize opportunities, respond to challenges, create a more secure, prosperous, and beautiful future in digital era. "People’s Daily" (December 06, 2021) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.