The police enthusiastically solved the hukou puzzle sent a banner to express gratitude

Original title: The police enthusiastically solved the hukou puzzle sent a banner to send the banner. Thanks to the afternoon of June 3, Ms. Tang will send a "heart of the people to send warmth, sincerely for the people’s public servant", the province sent to the Haixi Police Station, thank the police Endless help her solve the problem of hunting more than 10 years.

  Ms. Tang said that she is the North Sea.

16 years ago, she went to South Africa to do business, and married to Mr. Chen, who was in the local area, and had a child.

In the Spring Festival of 2012, Ms. Tang sent her son back to her husband’s home Fujian.

When I returned to Fujian Province, she started to apply for her son to settle down to the local public security organ. But because the son is born in South Africa, and the information is incomplete, the son’s account problem has not been resolved. In the past few years, the son can only use a passport anyway. This problem has plagued her for many years.

  Ms. Tang said that this year, the son should participate in the college entrance examination, and the resolution of the account is imminent. One day in May, when I returned to the North Sea, when I passed the household registration room of the Haixi Police Station, she hit the "try to see" to consult the son account problem to the household registration police, hoping to get the help of the police.

  After the police patiently and meticient work, Ms. Tang finally prepared the son’s information, and the police asked the upper department to handle the household registration of Ms. Tang.

On June 3, Ms. Tang, who received his son account book, specialized to make a banner to the police station to express his gratitude.

  Ms. Tang’s personal experience is a microchuma to solve the "three things" for the masses.

The reporter learned from the Haicheng Public Security Bureau. Since this year, the bureau has adhered to the people-oriented, and the "10,000 party members to do practical" activities have been important as part of the party history. At the entrance, I focus on solving the problem of "rush to expectations".

Up to now, Haicheng Public Security has solved 363 "worrying, troubles, hearts", benefiting 368 families.

In addition, the bureau has opened the door-to-door service, appointment service and online service, one-stop, 35 public security business, so that the masses should run less legs, do not run legs. (Editor: Xu Ziwen, Pang Guanhua).