“Don’t want to lie to me,I’m going to treat!Hurry up and let me assemble my baby!it’s OK?”Zhang Song shouted。

In the contempt of everyone,Guo Yinzhe reluctantly agreed to bring him food。
The account data was cancelled due to the suspension of the closed beta version limited by 100 people last night,5month1Early morning0Point will start the global10Ten thousand people’s test without deleting files,So for countless looking forward to entering“Battle of Glory”For players who have a glimpse of the game,What we can do now is to recharge,Rest your body,The rest is four words:
“Wait patiently!”
After lunch,Everyone returned to the training room,Seeing that Zhang Song is still not assembled,And he also removed the game deck that Shunzi assembled……
and so,Take the lead by Feng Xichuan,Everyone beat Zhang Song again,Even Cao Anna, who was inconvenient, beat him who vandalized the public property with crutches.!
Wait for everyone to die,Zhang Song picked up the fast food box lunch,Started eating。Feng Xichuan doesn’t care about him,Say to others:
“The only training mission today,Just rest well!0No one can be missing!”
“President,I have a question,although,We now have a training room and a rest room,But it’s not good not to stay overnight in the dormitory?Will check the bed!”Shunzi is worried。
“What are you afraid of!E-sports competition is coming,I will ask everyone for leave at that time!How to say,I am also a recognized club cadre in the school!”Feng Xichuan blindly self-channel。
“Haha!I don’t care……”
Under the leadership of Guo Yinzhe,Everyone’s courage has grown,Said they want to join。
And the actual situation is,Jingnan University of Science and Technology’s graduate dormitory is not strictly managed,Almost never be checked by an aunt or the disciplinary committee……