“Ok!”Someone covets his wife,It is impossible to say that Wright is not angry,Those herdsmen lads can be treated as children, don’t care,But this。。。Just let my wife solve it。

The sound transmission of the two is only a moment,Soon the heavy cavalry was divided in front of the two,Showing a green-haired boy who looks about fourteen or five years old。
The young man looks handsome,But the wicked look in the eyes makes people feel uncomfortable。
But the direction of this gaze,But not for Cecilia。
“A little strange”Wright muttered softly。
“Not bad,Not bad。”Juvenile eyes stared at Wright,Smiled,“It’s rare to see such a http://www.coilnail.cn temperamental man on the grassland,Comer,Catch him to me,Sent to my tent at night。As for this woman。”There was a trace of disgust on the boy’s face
“Just for brothers。”
Wright and Cecilia looked at each other,The eyes are full of shock。
“Haha,Wright,You are so attractive。”Cecilia reaches in the soul,There is an unstoppable smile in the voice。
Wright doesn’t know what to say。
And this squadron heavy cavalry seemed to think Wright and Cecilia were scared.,Four of them jumped off their mounts,Running fast,Intend to capture two people,And the face of the cavalry headed by him is even more grinning,Holding this rope that binds people。
They are not going to hurt two people,It’s rare for the prince to enjoy,And they are not as aristocratic as the prince,That woman looks very pretty,Not bad body,They followed the prince to the far east prairie, http://www.mychalk.cn but they haven’t vented for a long time,If you accidentally killed it。。。
A brilliant knife light flashed,The scimitar in Cecilia’s hand is unsheathed,In an instant, the four cavalry fell apart under this knife。
“Ha ha,These people still want to rob my husband,I really don’t want to live anymore。”Cecilia spoke with Wright in a serious manner。