Relying on the integration of the network, focus on calculation of the scene, China Unicom cloud launches seven major scene cloud products!

Under the double-wheel drive of scene and technology, integration with networks into new trends in cloud computing.On the one hand, the new scene of new scenes is continuously emerging to make a more urgent need for the integration network integration; on the other hand, the integration of network, integration, accounting management, account network joint dispatch, integration, etc.Technology is constantly mature to provide development possibilities.

In this context, operators have highlighted the advantages of network resources to develop cloud computing.China Unicom’s active layout is constructed to integrate new ecological networks as the core, with China Unicom cloud as the base, improve the service water service water, and use the number, number, and wisdom to provide support.

At present, China Unicom can provide more than 280 IAAS and PaAS products. In order to better meet the flexible needs of customers in the fine division, China Unicom will further go deep into the industry scene, and the seven scenarios will be launched in Japan. Cloud products, including: Total Zhominism

Ingredients of the Internet of Terminals: Software, Software, Software, Software, Software, is mainly integrated into typical scenes in terms of urban accessory and industrial number.

Give full play to the extensive access to the Internet and the low-cost clouds, integrate China Unicom’s flora in differentiated cloud computing and network capabilities, build 5G + Unicom Cloud + Aiot core competence system, combined with large data and artificial intelligence, etc. Custom capacity, focusing equipment access, equipment management, and front-end data acquisition, constructing substance sensing and multi-cloud synergistic ability. The Sepators of Terrace in Zhongshan Smart City and China Huadian Group have played an important role in the development of 5G + industrial Internet industry in Suzhou. Sea storage storage cloud: hot and cold layered mass storage In order to access several sea storage clouds, integrated various storage media and cloud storage technology, integrated data upload, data storage, data release, integrated value-added Service and other core capabilities, can meet the needs of industry clouds, private deployment, etc. Significant advantages over access, transmission acceleration, high energy and low cost, storage capacity integration and integration. Among the Ministry of Civil Affairs, several sea storage clouds provide large capacity, low-cost storage resources and highly reliable off-site disasters, providing best practices for core system disasters. Smart Video Cloud: Video Special Network HD Exchange Intelligent Processing Smart Video Cloud provides users with high concurrency, low-cost video access, processing, storage, forwarding, intelligent analysis, retrieval, playback, etc., give full play to China Unicom in big data Artificial intelligence technology advantages, integration of China Unicom’s bomb, mass storage, intelligent networks, etc., can meet video surveillance, video conferencing, live broadcast, real-time audio and video, player, video storage, RTC, media processing, visual Smart and data intelligence and other scenes. Wide applications and practices in Beijing urban governance projects.

Chi Chain Cooperative Cloud: Cloud One Trustworthy Sharing Safety Calculation Identity Management Zhidong Association Cloud will integrate cloud computing and technical depth, and give full play to the advantages of Unicom Chain in standards and patents, as well as Unicom cloud in powerful resource layout and Taiwan The endowment of the operation, the technical breakthrough, strong support, data service, traceable source, etc. in the cloud, distributed digital identity, etc.

It is best practical to provide best practices for service safety.

5G Edge Cloud: Scene Slimming Dragation 5G Edge Cloud By China Unicom’s CT join capability and Unicom’s IT computing power is the entry point, build 5G + MEC + Unicom cloud difference advantages, forming a complete business station Commercial 5G edge cloud scenery with the cloud network side end industry in the operator station. By building a national unified edge cloud network, 5G edge clouds can realize a little innovation, national deployment, and edge cloud management, operation, application deployment and arrangement of the national unified perspective, and use the location of data. In terms of network delay and transmission cost, it can alleviate the calculation load and bandwidth pressure of the center cloud, providing customers with ultra-low delays, application intelligence, cost optimization, massive data, safe privacy core value.

5G edge cloud in Gree Electric, Hainan Smart Medical, etc. 5G application sail plan demonstration project is obvious. Autonomous controllable cloud: a cloud multi-core full stack of domestic credible security independent controlled clouds are the security of the Unicom clouds to party and government organs, logistics, transportation, electricity and other industries, the Ministry of Communications and many local government affairs And a wide range of applications in state-owned enterprises.

Autonomous controlled clouds adaptivate mainstream domestic hardware and software and applications, integrating integration, supervision, operation and maintenance, security, project management, providing public clouds, industry clouds, private clouds, mixed clouds and other deployment programs, are all stacks autonomous Controllable, a cloud multi-core, safe and stable scene cloud product.

Mixed Cloud: Cloudy Management Taiwan Cloud Network Cloud Community Mixed Cloud combines Unicom’s multi-year accumulation of cloud management professional service experience, is a company based on Unicom Cloud IaaS and PaaS products, with Lingyun CMP Cloudy Management, with cloud network and The IDC’s infrastructure is based on cloud management professional services as a guarantee scene cloud product. Realize the mixed cloudy resource allocation, continuous integration and delivery; improve cloud resource utilization, reduce corporate cost, is the industry’s leading cloud + CMP + MSP integrated program.

Unicom Cloud Mixed Cloud products have the ability to mix cloudic adaptation and open expansion, service, service management capabilities, access control capabilities, integration and integration.

In Liaoning Province Government Cloud Construction, Unicom Cloud enables unified management, scheduling and operation of other cloud service providers, providing best practices to cloud, cloud and pipe clouds.

Song Guohuan, head of China Unicom Yunzi, said: Digital Technology integration scene, is the core power of digital economic development.

The digital economy ushered in a new round of growth cycle, the new state and new model brought to hundreds of digital economy; digital technology represented by cloud computing will actively promote the digitalization and digital industrialization of industries.

In the past, we are committed to calculating infrastructure, and now Unicom clouds focus on calculation scenes. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

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