4 Astronauts in the International Space Station returned to the earth by "Dragon" spacecraft

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, November 8th, 4 Astronauts in the International Space Station tied to the Earth, and the Dragon "spacecraft of the US Space Explorer arrived in the earth, ending the 199 days in the tracking period.

The US Space Administration website issued a message on the 8th that four astronauts participating in the code "CREW-2" space mission are American astronauts, Jindarbro and Megan MacArthur, Japanese astronauts, chambered, Yan and Europe Aerospace astronaut Thomas Pesi. US Eastern Time is 22:33:33 (11:33 Beijing time), they splashped in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida. The recycling boat waiting at the splapse point is responsible for salvage and safe recycling for spacecraft.

After the spacecraft is hangeled, 4 astronauts will immediately go to the cabin and receive medical examination. The return marker is the end of the tour of the international space station for the second time for the International Space Station. Jin Bolo, McArthur, Star Chao Zhang and Pespe 4 people took the manned "Dragon" spaceship launched from Florida, Kennedy, Florida this year, on April 24th and the International Space Station "Harmony" node cabin Docking.

In the course of 6 months, four astronauts have launched a series of scientific surveys, technical demonstrations and equipment maintenance activities. In addition, they also conducted 4 space walks and many times in the track experiments for the public. After four people returned, there were only one US astronaut and two Russian astronauts left on the International Space Station.

The "Dragon" spacecraft is the first manned spacecraft that is built by private enterprises and transports astronauts to and from the space station. It is also a new manned spacecraft for regular transport astronauts certified by the US Space Administration after the US space shuttle.

According to the contract of the US Space Administration and Space Exploration Technology, the manned "Dragon" spacecraft has to implement six commercial manned space tasks. The third task is expected to be launched on the 10th.