Changshu Zhi, Hong Kong Non-legacy Office, House: Non-legacy culture comes from life

The mission is inheriting in the inheritance of local intangible cultural heritage, and it is also a direction of development. In Wu Zhi and the view, Hong Kong’s non-legacy atmosphere is very interesting, not only the land of Chinese and Western cultures, but also a plurality of cultural symbiosis, different ethnic groups and groups, gestate rich and diverse traditional culture, are non-legacy offices need Content of protection and inheritance.

At the end of 2018, the Hong Kong SAR Government allocated HK $ 300 million to implement the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Program" to strengthen protection, research, education, promotion, and inherit the local non-legacy project, and with this support has been slightly, inheritors and groups have A few non-legacy projects, providing platform display and inheritance knowledge and skills for non-legacy inheritors or groups, allowing the public to understand their cultural connotation. Wu Zhihe said that many of the projects under the Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Program fully take into account the needs of different groups. Such as "non-legacy series" is designed to promote and promote non-legacy to primary school students in a vivid manner, increase their understanding and interest in non-legacy; "Non-Original Pavilion" mainly attracts young people to participate in promotion and protection of non-legacy work. "Non-legacy Camp" is a plan to renew the exhibition in the non-legacy center, deepen the understanding of the non-legacy of Hong Kong; "Different groups of different groups in Hong Kong" is the group of different residential portions (such as Indians, Philippines) People, Nepalese, etc.) are representative and can condense their activities and skills; "non-barrier-free rewards" will provide non-legacy experiences with special learning needs and disabled experience, and achieve social integration.

Pearl River Long, even in the Guangfu, and even islands. In September 2020, the launch of "Guangdong Hong Kong and Macau Daban District" is launched, with a splendid intangible cultural heritage, closely linking Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao.

"We can use a more macro perspective, pay attention to the non-legacy projects derived from Lingnan Culture, share the experience of non-legacy cultural inheritance, so that non-legacy has become an important cultural resource in Human Bay Area." Wu Zhihe said.

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