In order to watch these two brothers cook, He Jiong finished the nucleic acid detection recording Please Refrigerator

In order to watch these two brothers cook, He Jiong finished the nucleic acid detection recording “Please Refrigerator”
On April 28th, the sixth season of the Tencent video star food talk show “Please Refrigerator” was released at the Cloud Launch Conference.The host, He Jiong, found that all the staff of the program group had undergone very strict disinfection and testing, and he returned from Yunnan before coming to record the program, so that he had a special nucleic acid test.The sixth season of “Please Refrigerator” will be aired at 8:00 on the evening of April 28th. The first guest guests will be the “Fan Brothers” Fan Xian and Fan Siru’s players Zhang Ruoyun and Guo Qilin in “Qing Yu Nian”.In the previously announced poster of Season 6 of “Please Refrigerator”, He Jiong and Wang Jiaer’s “He Ermeng” teamed up with the new and old chefs of the “Refrigerator Family” to start the “fresh kitchen innovation”.However, due to the epidemic situation, Wang Jiaer is still in South Korea and cannot return to serve as the host. Wei Daxun will be the host of the class and partner with He Jiong.He Jiong discovered in an interview with Sauna Yee that there are strict anti-epidemic measures at the scene of the program recording. When entering the site, he must first go through a disinfection channel to take the temperature, check the health code, disinfection, testing and other matters. He lamented that it is not easy to work now.At present, 4 episodes of “Please Refrigerator” have been recorded.Although he started cooking for himself in the show last season, he was only responsible for eating this season.The first issue of the sixth season of “Please Refrigerator” opened Zhang Ruoyun’s refrigerator, which wrapped sea cucumbers, steaks and other ingredients in a red plastic bag, which pleased all the chefs. They felt that there were many rich ingredients and good design dishes.”Star Little Fresh Kitchen” Dong Yanlei taught “Fan Brothers” on the spot.Zhang Ruoyun, who is good at cooking and has long skills, easily completed the task, and Guo Qilin, the “Cooking Little White”, was quite happy.Dong Yanlei, who is a “master”, copied to the media. He also learned the techniques of watching videos. “I originally wanted to go to the hot pot restaurant to learn, because the epidemic can only be taught at home.”” Sauna, Ye Wang, editor of Yang Lianjie, Tong Na proofreading Li Lijun