But this one“Aunt Chen”Doesn’t seem to be angry,See Ding Ruoyan,She immediately greeted Ding Ruoyan happily:“Ruoyan, you are here?My dad just said,I haven’t seen Ruoyan girl for a while……These are?”

Until this time,This Miss Chen seems to notice Chen Geng next to Ding Ruoyan and the two foreigners behind him,And the few people behind them who seem to be working in the government,Can’t help but be a little surprised,When she saw a few familiar faces of the street office from the crowd,My face suddenly changed。
“Aunt Chen,This is my brother Chen Geng,He just came back from america,”Ding Ruoyan didn’t seem to notice what was in her mouth“Aunt Chen”Anomaly,Said enthusiastically:“I brought him to eat special snacks in our capital……Ok,This is Mr. Statham,This is Mr. Lalefort,They are my brother Chen Geng’s bodyguards,As for these few,Ok,All my dad’s colleagues。”
Finished,Vary“Aunt Chen”Opening,Ding Ruoyan enthusiastically introduced Chen Geng:“Brother Chen Geng,Aunt Chen is‘Small Intestine Chen’Daughter of the third generation grandfather Chen,Aunt Chen has been learning to cook with Grandpa Chen since she was a child,Grandpa Chen said that Aunt Chen has 70% of his ability to cook。”
Turned out to be like this!
Chen Geng understands now,This is not“Small Intestine Chen”Ms. Chen Xiufang, the fourth-generation successor?。Smiling and nodding to Chen Xiufang:“Hello, Miss Chen,My name is Chen Geng,I’m going to trouble you next。”
“You’re welcome……”
Chen Xiufang waved his hands in panic,She has never been used“Miss”This is a very expensive address.,I was happy again for a while,Sorry again。
Not to mention that after knowing that the two foreigners behind Chen Geng were his bodyguards,I already have a rough guess about Chen Geng’s identity.:Mr. Chen who is very kind to people,Probably the overseas Chinese living in the United States,And it’s a good mix,Otherwise it is impossible to raise a foreigner bodyguard……Although she has never been abroad,But his father Chen Yutian came from the old society after all,Listening、See a lot,I haven’t told my daughters less。
I’m just happy and embarrassed,She subconsciously glanced at the government workers behind Chen Geng,Can’t help but worry secretly:Speaking of,Although my own“Small Intestine Chen”Has been in business for a while,But the old father still works in a state-owned hotel,My own shop is still standard“Black shop”,Although the comrades in the sub-district office kept turning one eye when they were doing a small business after get off work with their father, they would not see,But this Mr. Chen is a foreigner……
For a time,Chen Xiufang’s heart is really distracted。
The guy from Guoan who claimed to be Lao Wang with a simple face also whispered a few words to the comrades in the street office,The comrades from the street office nodded repeatedly,Then he said to Chen Xiufang with a big smile:“Comrade Chen Xiufang,look,Mr. Chen just returned from overseas,Can you tell everyone,Let everyone be polite to foreign guests?”
The leader of the street office said,Chen Xiufang also realized something was wrong:After hearing the news of a few foreigners,,Whether you are queuing up and waiting for the stewed food,Still eaten it,All run out to watch the excitement——It is said that the people in the capital are well informed,Not for the sake of a few foreigners“Mobilize the crowd”,But now it’s not just changed,Don’t foreigners dare to come?,In the eyes of ordinary people,Aliens or rare species,Foreigners who can come to eat braised pork,That’s even rarer among the rare species。
This is for Chen Xiufang,It’s also for the gluttons who are queuing,Implication:When everyone hears it, quickly give way to foreign guests。
We have to admit,The consciousness of the people of this era is high,I heard this young、The tall and handsome guy is overseas Chinese,The crowd who was in the line shouted and gave Chen Geng aside,Even a few,Just picked up the bowl and made a fierce planing,Swallow at least half a bowl of stew in less than half a minute,Ready to make room for Chen Geng and his party,No one expressed dissatisfaction in the process,Everyone thinks it’s just normal,At most I just look at Chen Geng and Statham with curious eyes、Lalefort。
Chen Geng hesitated,Still should,As he walked forward, he gave everyone a hand in embarrassment,Opening your mouth is fluent in Mandarin comparable to a CCTV announcer:“Sorry,Cause trouble for everyone,To express my apologies,It’s the first time I see you all,Today everyone’s braised cooking is on my head,You are welcome。”
Heard Chen Geng’s words,The old and young men and Chen’s father and daughter who were eating and queuing up to cook at the scene were all stunned.:Today this foreigner treats?
be honest,The young and old in the capital are also very knowledgeable,But the foreigner invites the big guy to dinner,This is the first time……Is this a promise or no promise??