Xia Jian was taken aback,So he hugged the clothes and went into the bathroom。Thinking of running the night car again at night,Xia Jian put a tank of hot water,Lie in it and feel comfortable。

Come out of the bathroom,Yao Junli has asked the waiter to deliver a bowl of Xia Jian’s favorite noodles on the coffee table。Looking at Yao Junli who is so considerate,Xia Jian was even a little touched,But he knew,Such a woman,Only suitable for his confidante。
Three under five divide two,A bowl of noodles entered Xia Jian’s stomach,He stood up and moved his body,Energetic said to Yao Junli:“I’m leaving,Are you going out to play or go to sleep?Then it’s up to you”
“You haven’t had three or five days in the past this time, I’m afraid you won’t be able to come back,Don’t you call your unit to ask for a leave?You are now organized”Yao Junli reminded Xia Jian softly。
Xia Jian pats his thigh,I just remembered,He was thinking about calling Tong Jie just now,Asked her to take a few days off from the leader for him,But after taking a shower, I forgot,Fortunately, Yao Junli reminded him。
Xia Jianma takes out his mobile phone,So I called Tong Jie,To ask for leave to go through the car transfer,Whispered to her。
“Go ahead!Anyway, our newly reported project has not been approved yet,You just used this space to do your own affairs,Otherwise, when the new project is approved,But I’m busy,You can’t go if you want”Tong Jie said with a smile。
First1713chapter Woman rushing out of the dark
? Hang up the phone,Kissed Yao Junli goodbye。Xia Jian hurriedly went downstairs,I found my own big run and jumped up。
Xia Jian sat in the car and planned,Drove the car and found a gas station,After filling up the fuel tank,This is out of town,Headed for the highway。
GZNo stranger to Xia Jian,He has been there several times,One of them was by car。So for Xia Jian, the road conditions,He is quite familiar。
A good car can only show its superiority at high speed。Xia Jian surpassed many cars along the way,Keep the car speed above one hundred yards。Because he knows in his heart,It was okay to drive in the middle of the night,But when it’s midnight,People get sleepy,Naturally, the speed can’t be improved。
Xia Jian ran all the way,Ran for more than six hours,He drove the car to the service area,Took a break。It’s midnight,The whole service area is very quiet,Occasionally a passing vehicle drove in。
Xia Jian lay down for a while,Got out of the car and moved around,When I want to get in the car and then run,Suddenly a figure emerged from the darkness,Kneeled at his feet with a plop。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,He took a closer look,Kneeling on the ground is a woman,Her head is wrapped in a yellow turban,Due to low light,I can’t tell what this woman looks like,Don’t know how old he is。
“Big brother!please,Can you take me a ride”The woman kneeling on the ground whispered to Xiajian。
Call him the big brother,It seems that this woman should not be very old。But where did she come out in the middle of the night??Xia Jian asked suspiciously:“what is your job?Why not take the shuttle bus,I am a private car,Not easy to carry”
“Big brother!I’m from Dongyang,Come here to work,I didn’t expect to be framed by an adulterer,I can’t stay in this place anymore,I want to go home,But these people won’t let me go,They are guarded at the station,I had to walk here。Don’t worry,I am not a bad guy,If it doesn’t work, I’ll give you gas”Woman talking,Chao Xia Jian kept kowtow。