“When’s the matter?”

“Many years。”
“But before in the hall,My teacher’s father told me to find him in the Holy Fire Hall after I was full,You were there,right?”
“The Holy Fire Temple is destroyed……Where to find?”
“So i don’t know。”
The boy was completely confused,Stared at the fat man in front of him,I don’t know what to say for a while,Looking at this plump、Face full of innocent expressions,The boy suspected that the other party was playing with him。
“Huo Tianzun always acts grotesquely,We are all used to it,Maybe he just said it,You might as well go find him again,Last question in person?”
Teenage wry smile,If I can find a master,,What are you looking for??
Chapter one hundred and eighteen The pastor
Say goodbye to the fat man,The boy went to the main peak hall,When I first came,Didn’t take a good look,But now he was shocked by the grandeur of the hall,Standing in front of the hall, I feel like an ant,The thinnest pillars in front of the temple require five or six people to hug,This is only the Five Elements Palace,So how magnificent the imperial court should be?
No one in the hall,Although the surrounding walls are extremely rough,But some traces of carvings and pictures can still be seen faintly,It’s just that the years are too long,It is difficult to recognize specific patterns with ordinary eyesight,But that sense of solemnity makes young people afraid to be too careless。
And when drawing from the front view,The teenager feels eye pain,Staring for a long time will cause headaches,And then spread to the whole body,This is a feeling I have never felt in the hall a few days ago。Beggar for a long time,Although he has never seen a real battlefield,But I have seen rebels、Bandits and robbers,There is no countless tragic、Bloody picture,He was convinced that the feeling just now was an indescribable murder,More murderous than any fierce beast he has ever seen across the continent alone。