“Hello!My name is Qiao Yu!”Fake Qiaoyu rerettrates the right hand to remember this person than yourself。

“Oh!?I am the universe!you too?”
“Do not!I am Zhou Yu’s Yu!”
“You are very strong!Nice to meet you!”Rui Rui, thumbs up, praise,
Qiao Yu said in a modest:“And you are far more than you!I am fighting hard to get such a good grade.!”
Qi Rui pretending to ask questions:“Joago!What organizations we join this revolutionary soldiers will be organized,The chief did not give us explanations.!How to listen to how seems to be higher than that of the Bank of China?”
I don’t know that the revolutionary military comrades will be normal.,Qiao Yu does not doubt the explanation:“I listened to people when I was in Huangpu.!It seems to be the superior unit of Renaissance!This is the affirmation of our ability to our ability.!In the future, we will cheer for the national effectiveness.!”
“Oh!It turns out that I am a promotion.!It seems that this time is no white.!”Rui Rui said,
“It is absolutely lucky thing to be dressed.!”Qiao Yu has always been very excited.,Joining the revolutionary military comrades should be his most unexpected harvest。
“It seems that we should have a very important task.!”Rui Rui is also looking forward to。
“No matter what mission!Let’s have two days in Jinling.!”Qiao Yu said,
“Joago!I am also just arrived in Jinling.,Be unfold here!I will depend on you for two days.!”
“no problem!Pack of me!”
The car sent them directly to a military club,Driver said:“You stay here for two days.,The room has been prepared for you.!Dinner every day,But there is no!Saturday will be held on Saturday!That is!Hope you guys have fun!”
Two people have access to the club,It should be some people say hello,Service staff directly bring them to the room,Qi Rui knows that Zheng Yao first and Shen Hongzhang must have arranged everything.,This Qiaoyu has been fully monitored.,Next, look at yourself.,See who he will connect with him,Even if you have no one, he must have a way to contact the spy.。
“brother!Are you tired?”Qiao Yu asked,
“I am not tired!Have something to do?”Qi Rui,
“If you are not tired, let’s go out and eat a meal.!I invite you!But I have to take a shower first.!”Qiao Yu said,
Three meals in the club,But Qiao Yu also went out to eat,Is it true that the local flavor is still another figure!Qi Rui is promised:“OK!I just take a shower.,Half an hour later!”
Rui Rui entered the room first observed a circle,This is a small outlet,He went to the toilet of the inside.,Nothing special,What is the six brothers and two brothers?,Try the test water temperature is not bad,So I rushed a bath to clean myself.。
Rui Rui, Qiao Yu, has been waiting.,Laugh:“brother!Since you have not been to Jinling,Then I will take you to eat the features.!”
“Joago!This meal must be me.!How can you get you again?!”Rumored,
“Since you haven’t come,Then I am the Lord!Let me let me do the landlord!Again, I am bigger than you.!When my brother can make my brother spend money!Listen to me this time!go!”
If you don’t know Qiaoyu is a spy,Rui is really can’t see from his words and deeds.,This more explains him not a general special agent.。
Qiao Yu came to the Master Temple to find a hotel in the Master.,Two people have to have a single-room more famous saline duck,Category,East Hill Old Goose,Nanjing small cage bag and a bottle of Yanghe big song。
“Qi Yu!I can meet you such a good brother is my Qiao Yu Sanyu is fortunate.!Come to we drink one!”Qiao Yu is very cool, two cars, a drink, a cup of wine.。
“Yanghe big song!?”Rui Rui pretended to have seen this wine,
“Brother!This is the big song of Jiangsu famous wine Yanghe!There is a saying that;Water is the blood of wine!Song is the bone of wine,This wine is very particular!brother!You have a blessing today.!bring it on!”
Seeing fake Qiaoyu’s understanding of the wine culture in my country,Rui Rui is a cold,Because now I am actually born, is it an idea?,The devil’s twin plan is really horrible.!This fake joy is really master.!
Qi Yu is not as good as the lunation of the wine.:“Joago,I don’t drink wine.!But I will still spend my life today.!Come!”
Rui Rui, I will drink the cup.,In the heart:Will not I want to drunk me?!?
Qiao Yu took the end of the house and quickly gave the clipper:“Good brothers don’t worry!Drink slowly!This is so much delicious.!Come trying to taste these Nanjing characteristics!”
Qiao Yu looks very fine,Also care,The Rui Rui Wine Cup has never been broken.,But fake Qiao Yu is the same in his own wine glass.,There is no less than a few drinks.。