Border inspection alarm baby into the national door colorful six one show smile

"We are communist successors, along the glory of the revolutionary ancestors, love the motherland, love the people …" On the morning of May 31, Manzhouli National Gate Scenic Area floating the "Chinese Junior Pioneer Team", the police camp Laughing laughter of the children.

In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, JSI parent-child activities in Manzhouli entry and exit border inspection station officially kicked off.

The theme of this event is "Inheriting the Red Blood Strong Era", 30 policemen, 35 children participated in the event. During the period, they planted red on the boundaries and felt the solemn and sacredness of the midday; they were together with the red songs in the country, listened to the Six realistic party history of the Communist Party of China, cultivating patriotic feelings; The guerrilla team "and other fun parent-child games further enhance the family intimacy. After the interactive link, according to the company’s unit, it is recommended for the children to have a commemorative medal for the "Diligent Senior Children", and encourage them to thrive in the integration of the study.

"The national door, the monument is solemn, let the children enter the national door to conduct a patriotism education, which not only makes them feel the warmth of the country’s red resources and the warmth of the police, and also understand the hardships and shoulders of the parents, effectively promote The child’s child’s identity and pride of parents’ profession. "Du Yun, deputy director of the Political Department of Manzhou Inspection Station.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, he held six parent-child activities, which reflects the care of the child’s children, and also planted the love party patriotic feelings for them.

After the event, the police said that this event was entertaining, letting the children gain growth at the same time, and enhanced the understanding and support of the majority of their families on immigrant management, and created a good family in order to carry out various work. Environmental atmosphere.

(Lu Bingmen Anjira).