Jinglian Demon Sage saw Xia Chenglong,I was not too surprised to escape my own attack this time.,After all, it was the one who killed the Demon King,If the strength is really bad,,That’s not justified!

And at this time, the Demon Sage of Thick Earth also caught the opportunity,When Xia Chenglong bent down like this,He transported the Houtu sword directly towards him and slashed it。
At this time, Xia Chenglong wants to dodge again, it is a little impossible,And the Demon Saint of Thick Earth,There is quite a posture that does not split him into two swears。
In fact, if you change to someone else,I’m afraid this trick is really gone,The way is missing,But Xia Chenglong is not an ordinary person,He can’t hide by himself now,So he swung his Dragon Yin Sword upward so gently,Just pick the Houtu sword。
And then Xia Chenglong,Slash forward so gently,Did a month and a half cut,At this time, the thick earth demon saint can only respond in a hurry,It’s impossible to launch the next attack,Because if he doesn’t dodge at this time,Will be split into two parts。
Although the thick earth demon saint at this time,Unwilling,But at this time, he can only retreat violently towards the back。
Xia Chenglong at this time is also long,Relieved,After all, the current situation is too thrilling。
Slightly careless,I’m afraid there will be a tragic ending of life and death,Here is the master trick,If it’s just a momentary absence,Will instantly be split into two parts。
When the saint of the earth demon retreats backwards,At this time, the Demon Sage Jinglian immediately stabs Xia Chenglong with one sword after another.,The sword of Houtu Demon Sage is a heavy and powerful feeling。
But the sword of Jinglian Demon Sage gave Xia Chenglong the feeling of coquettish,Smart,At this time, he sighed leisurely,Waved the Dragon Sword,See tricks,Although the sword is strong,Then one after another,But at this time, he insisted,But there was no panic。
Jinglian Demon Sage and Houtu Demon Sage,Both are swordsmen,When I saw Xia Chenglong like this,The two of them nodded slightly,Agree with him。
After all, according to the appearance of Xia Chenglong today,The two of them really messed up their positions for a while,After all, his defense at this time can be said to be seamless,Even facing,The attack of two people, the Demon Sage of Pure Lotus and the Demon Sage of Thick Earth,Still deal with it calmly。
The longer this time,The weaker the two people,On the contrary, Xia Chenglong,The momentum here becomes stronger and stronger,One to another,In the beginning, two people could vaguely gain the upper hand,But afterwards,The two are actually at a disadvantage。
At this moment, the expressions of the two of them suddenly changed,The expression that I connected,It becomes exciting in an instant。
And at this time Xia Chenglong,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Evoked a smile,There was a little calmness in the expression,And calm。
When two people saw this,Also know that this continues,Definitely not the way,So I screamed,A sword towards Xia Chenglong,He hurriedly resisted,Crossed a sword,Two people step on his sword,Stature retreat。
The two broke free from the fight with Xia Chenglong,Keep flying backward,Fly for about five or six feet before stopping。