This cat action not only has agile speed,Also has a pair of special short and thick saber teeth,Can bite open the neck of primates without hindrance,Even the skull。

Archaeologists have discovered several skull fossils of distant human ancestors,There are terrible tooth marks left by cats。
but,The fear of cats became extinct millions of years ago,That’s why Lu Menglin felt very surprised,Because he suddenly felt that he might have discovered,The real function of this crystal ore。
Able to retain the cat fearful breath of millions of years ago,The storage capacity of this crystal ore is really terrifying!
Lu Menglin used his fingers to play with this cat scary crystal ore,Mind moved slightly,Vigorous between fingers,Silky soft invaded this crystal ore。
He is not going to destroy this ore,But with the Buddhist secret skills of Bacha Shitai,Steal life energy,Like using Tai Sui mother,Temper yourself with the life essence of the fear cat。
Way of Heaven,Make up for。
In an instant,Lu Menglin seemed to feel the passage of ruthless years,A scene from millions of years ago actually came to my mind。
The plants back then were much taller and more lush than modern,There are dense jungles everywhere,Countless creatures live in it,And the cat is one of them。
Just this moment of synesthesia,The picture of the primitive jungle flashed through Lu Menglin’s mind。
A ray of life energy in this terrifying cat crystal mineral fossil,Has been sucked into the body by Lu Menglin,Become the energy to temper yourself。
Click!Only heard a soft sound,That scary cat crystal mine cracked at Lu Menglin’s fingertips,Suddenly, at a speed visible to the naked eye,Turn from white to gray,Gradually gray。
at last,That unusual crystal ore turned into powder in Lu Menglin’s fingers,Dissipate in the invisible。