“Oh my god!This ice and snow,Let them do this,I’m afraid I can’t tell them both”Zhao Hong deliberately blinked at Xia Jian。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“You just said it was me,Let them finish right away,If the wind leaks,I can’t spare them”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke,Because he found it was time for dinner。
Ouyang Hong is not polite,Xia Jianyi called her,She pulled Zhao Hong,Went to Xia Jian’s house together。Sun Yuejuan saw that her son was back,And brought two beauties,She is naturally very happy。
Xia Jian re-introduced Han Juan to Ouyang Hong and Yue Hong,Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Fang Fang is already very beautiful,This changed for Han Juan,It’s too beautiful to say,I see you!Don’t eat every day,Just look at the beauty”
Everyone listens,Laughed。Sun Yuejuan, who is working in the kitchen, listened,Hurry up and say:“He’s not very capable,Bring me a daughter-in-law if you have the ability”
“Damn!You old lady,I think my grandson is crazy!So many people also say this”Xia Zecheng laughed,Greet Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong to Shangfang。
There was a fire in the upper room,It’s warm in the house,Very comfortable。As soon as everyone sat down, Sun Yuejuan brought the cooked meal,A few exquisite side dishes,After that, Xia Jian’s favorite noodles。
This meal not only made Xia Jian very comfortable,Even Han Juan, who came to Xia Jian’s home for the first time from Bucheon,Also full of praise。Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Aunt!You can go to a hotel to be a chef”
“that’s great!That I did a good job,Come often later,I specially choose what you like to make”Sun Yuejuan, everyone in the audience praised her skill,Of course she is also very happy。
After eating,Xia Jian asked Zhao Hong:“Did they both say,When will the scheduled work be completed today?”
“said,Give us all before dark,They rode my motorcycle,Should be fast”Zhao Hong smiled and said。
Xia Jian nodded,He called Guo Meili,One call,Xia Jian said to Guo Meili:“You arrange for someone to go to the train station,I bought two train tickets to the provincial capital tonight,Soft sleeper”
Hang up the phone,Zhao Hong said softly:“Since I’m leaving tonight,I’ll arrange work,I’ll find you in a while“
“You get busy!I asked Han Juan to pick you up,I want to go to Pingyang Town Government in a while“Xia Jian said and glanced at Ouyang Hong。This is exactly what Ouyang Hong meant,She did not speak,But nodded。
Sun Yuejuan shook her head helplessly and said:“Your kid really treats this as a noodle restaurant“Xia Jian can only smile,Did not speak。
Driving to Pingyang Town is just an instant effort,Because it just snowed,The reason for the cold weather,There are few pedestrians and vehicles on the road,So Han Juan drove the car fast。
Inside the town government’s compound,Several staff members are standing at the gate of the courtyard basking,When they saw Ouyang Hong walk down from the big run,Hurried back to the house。