The original meaning of Mountain King Liu Banshan,It’s for the members who joined the Flower Army two days ago,Means to reluctant to bear the old part of Heifengshan,Everyone reunited again……So sensational like him!

But I don’t know the reason,I thought‘Blackwind Mountain King’Is the veteran of the flower team,Go out and set up another portal to develop members,And brought100New people joined the flowers together,In addition, he was directly appointed as deputy head,Instead there is a“Triumphant home,Hometown of Ronggui!”a feeling of……
The most frightening thing about Chang Mao Ying Duan is,They actually took the initiative to speak out their motives……Just want to go through a few home appliance competition clubs,No doubt!!!
“Such hot information,About this mysterious army of flowers and plants……I must pass it out early……”
Changmao Yingdan tried several WeChat calls to Golden Rose but did not respond,So I can only settle down,Get some more information……
This time Chang Mao Ying short changed a more active way,He pretends to be new,Added a few online friends……
Long hair:“Big brother,Is online???”
Shan Ye Tu couple:“Class,Hanging up,Do not disturb!”
Long hair:“brothers,Come to the game???”
Whoever comes I will come:“Rush paper,Next time!”
Long hair:“beauty,No object???”
Cute ice rabbit:“Lao Tzu is a pure man!!!”
Long hair:“Handsome guy,Can I bring others to play???”
Less blood and cold:“roll!Game bitch,Don’t bother my mother doing the task!”
Is this a group of college students??But why does it feel a bit complicated,Many people do not play cards according to common sense?
“try again!Just this newly appointed deputy commander,black——wind——mountain——Big——king——”Changmao Yingdan knocked down the opponent’sID。